Index by Title for Issues 1 – 23

1017 River RoadPOEMShari Diane Willadson
28 JunePOEMLuisa A. Igloria
40 Out Past WentzvillePOEMRoyce Sykes
5 by 2: Number 1POEMSusan Erickson
6 Months MuseumPOEMLara Payne
A Few PointersPOEMJenny Montgomery
A Full Woman's WordARTCarolyn Krieg
A rach nidPOEMMarjorie L. Manwaring
Abecedary Twice PlusPOEMMiki Hopper-Estrada
About Your Things POEMRuth Flanders
The Absinthe ParlorPOEMJeff Crandall
Access CodePOEMJoan Stuart Ross
AccessCodeARTJoan Stuart Ross
Accident PronePOEMAdrian S. Potter
According to the Rules We Made Up YesterdayPOEMLisa Cihlar
The Accountant Gets DressedPOEMShanna Germain
Adagio POEMJan Wallace
Admiration POEMReginald Gibbons
Advanced AlchemyPOEMJessica Goodfellow
Advent North MinneapolisPOEMJohn Krumberger
After a Right MastectomyPOEMLaura Snyder
After His Golden Retriever DiedPOEMMark Thalman
After School on a ThursdayPOEMTed Lord
After the Centaur LecturePOEMDeborah Woodard
After the FuneralPOEMAdrian S. Potter
After the Poetry Reading Someone Gives Me a Plastic Sack Full of FoodPOEMCasey Fuller
After the StormPOEMBarbra Nightingale
After Yesterday's StormPOEMRoger Pfingston
Afternoon on the Terrace, Via Del CoralloPOEMMichael Cadnum
Again, But NewPOEMPeggy Aylsworth
Agate Blue EyeARTCarolyn Krieg
Alki CafePOEMBrownie Schoene
Always Careful Potatoes Do Not Touch... POEMBarbara L Thomas
Amenities POEMBarbara L Thomas
AmericoPOEMScott Simpson
Among Other ThingsPOEMKelly Cressio-Moeller
An Emphasis on Perseverance POEMMercedes Lawry
AnatomyPOEMMishon A. Wooldridge
AnemoneARTMary Pearson
The Anger of Anne FrankPOEMPaul Hostovsky
Angkor MassagePOEMGeorge Such
Animal FarmPOEMElvis Alves
AnonPOEMKatharyn Machan
Another CountryPOEMFredda Jaffe
Antique EmporiumPOEMGail Eisenhart
Apparently Empty SkyPOEMDeborah Bacharach
The Apple EaterPOEMLinda Curtis Meyers
ApprenticeshipPOEMBob Slaymaker
Arabesque IARTJoan Ross Blaedel
Arriving at the HospitalPOEMLarry Blazek
The Art of OppressionPOEMRobert Webb
Arterial FlowPOEMLori Becherer
ArtichokeARTLaura Snyder
Artichoke Beach, California POEMMark McKain
Artifact KahloPOEMMark Newman
Artist Awash in RedsPOEMLiz Walsh-Boyd
As IfPOEMDavid Ignatow
AsylumARTCarolyn Krieg
Asylum 1POEMJuliana McCarthy
At the Corner of Richmond & MainPOEMLouisa Howerow
At the Present Moment Caf‚POEMLois Marie Harrod
At the Top of the StairsPOEMDavid M. Harris
AttemptedPOEMKelly Nelson
The Audible SuburbsPOEMJoel Lewis
August [late afternoon]POEMApril A. Denonno
Auto Life FirePOEMRita Mae Reese
The Avocado and the MagpiePOEMGordon Coonfield
Back Home During DroughtPOEMRebecca Balcarcel
Back Home: UnemployedPOEMGabriella Brand
Back ThenPOEMRuth Daigon
BackfirePOEMJulie L. Moore
Backyard Nuthatch Active POEMJohn W. Marshall
Bad Weather RomancePOEMTina Schumann
Banff, Jan. 18POEMRobin Chapman
BargainPOEMIain MacDonald
Baseline of the SoulPOEMArthur Ginsberg
Basho, GlimpsedPOEMMike White
Battering Robin Syndrome POEMTina Kelley
Beachcomber Island (Fiji, 1985) POEMLinda Malnack
Bear of the SeaARTRoberta Feins
BeatitudePOEMPaul Hostovsky
Before He Betrayed HerPOEMJoel Chace
Before the Air Hangs in JunePOEMLaura Eklund
The Beheading of John the BaptistPOEMK. K. Todorovich
Berkeley: Youth And Age POEMAlicia Ostriker
Bidding At The AuctionPOEMKatharyn Machan
Big Tomato POEMMercedes Lawry
Biography and Artist's StatementESSAYKim Hamilton
BirdPOEMSusan Kelly-DeWitt
BirdingPOEMRick Agran
The birds of the morning sing because they mustPOEMJanet Barry
Birds, Bees, and an Orange TreePOEMKent Chadwick
A Bit of Tropic Outside the Delta ShopritePOEMChristina Pacosz
Black TrumpetsPOEMCarla Schwartz
Blackbeard, AZPOEMLeon Hedstrom
Blacker BlackPOEMDave Rea
Blackout into SunlightPOEMYaedi Ignatow
BlakeARTRoberta Feins
The BlanketPOEMJoyce Odam
Blessing what?s yet to be lostPOEMMary Zeppa
A Bloody Cross Against Your NamePOEMPaul Horn
Blown From The Heart UpARTCarolyn Krieg
BluePOEMMary Mackey
Blue 71/MarshlandPOEMStuart R. Lavin
Blue MuseARTLinda Malnack
Blue PillPOEMRebecca Loudon
Blue ShiftARTLinda Malnack
Blueprint to Build a Safe HarborPOEMDave Seter
Body FarmPOEMKelly Fordon
Body LandscapeARTPamela Moore Dionne
The Body Makes NoisePOEMKen Turner
Body MusicPOEMPam Winters
The Book Of My HeartPOEMEdward Field
Booklist (poetry book reviews) ESSAYJohn W. Marshall
Booklist (poetry notes) ESSAYChristine Deavel
Botanic Garden SilencePOEMGail Waldstein
Box Construction (55 Bird Skulls)ARTDavid Francis
Box Construction (Russian Dictionary, 1917)ARTDavid Francis
Box Construction (Shredded Text Roller Cage) - PrototypeARTDavid Francis
Box Construction (Victorian Novel)ARTDavid Francis
Box Construction with Fish and TubeARTDavid Francis
Box Construction with Mayan BifaceARTDavid Francis
Boxes, Locked and Found POEMJoanne Barrie Lynn
Boy or GirlARTSharon Carter
The Bread of AfflictionPOEMArthur Ginsberg
Breakfast at the Lake POEMCharles Fishman
The Breakfast NookPOEMMary Mackey
Breaking my fast after feverPOEMMary Zeppa
The Bride Frightened at Seeing Life OpenPOEMDonna J Waidtlow
BridgeARTTray Drumhann
Broken Bone ChokerPOEMKathleen M. Heideman
Broken WingPOEMJoan Stuart Ross
Bruschetta POEMKelli Russell Agodon
Brushes with StardomARTKip Deeds
The Bull and the AngelPOEMCharles Munoz
ButPOEMLucille Lang Day
But I Know What I LikePOEMScott McIntosh
The ButcheringPOEMAllen Braden
Calla Lilies and Skulls/La Cala y La CalaveraPOEMLorraine Healy
Calla Lilies and Skulls/La Cala y La CalaveraPOEMLorraine Healy
Candy Houses POEMKim Hamilton
CantaloupePOEMJoan Stuart Ross
Canto 10 Somewhere in the MiddlePOEMR. Virg Ellis
Car DoorsPOEMCarol Losi
The Card You Kept DrawingPOEMTom C. Hunley
Carnal (A New Opening Into His Body)POEMChristine Deavel
CarnevalePOEMRuth Kessler
A Cat Named PigPOEMScott McIntosh
Cat Remains are FoundPOEMLucille Gang Shulklapper
Celestial DomeARTJoan Ross Blaedel
Cell and FruitARTJoan Stuart Ross
Cell and Fruit IARTJoan Stuart Ross
Cell and Fruit IV ARTJoan Stuart Ross
ChairsARTNura Petrov
Chambered MorselsARTJoan Stuart Ross
Characters on a Trading Desk Engulfed in Red InkPOEMPat Briardy
Charged Particles: An E-mailPOEMZack Rogow
Chart of the Southern ClimeARTJoan Stuart Ross
ChatterPOEMRobin Chapman
Checkered Past ARTJoan Stuart Ross
Chemo BrainPOEMBrett Foster
Chez GretelPOEMJen Zafar
Chicken FeathersPOEMDonna J Waidtlow
The Chief Of MedicinePOEMArthur Ginsberg
Childhood Montage with Liquid NitrogenPOEMJudith Skillman
The Childhood of a Future WriterPOEMNikol Knapmiller
The Children Are GonePOEMLois Marie Harrod
Choke Berry Tree in WinterPOEMMaija Rhee Devine
Christine FallsPOEMKay Mullen
Cinquain of the ChairsPOEMJulie Cooper-Fratrik
City of Love #2POEMKyle Hemmings
City of Saint Francis in MotionPOEMAnnette Spaulding-Convy
The City-Girl Learns About MeatPOEMDonna J Waidtlow
ClayPOEMJacob Oet
Cliff Swallows POEMPat Swenson
Closed Head InjuryPOEMJudith Skillman
Cloud Removal: Based on Actual EventsPOEMJohn Bradley
Cloud TroublePOEMT. Clear
The Cock ring at the airport...POEMTed Lord
CockatooPOEMLinda Umans
Co-editor's NotesESSAYDonna J Waidtlow
Co-editor's NotesESSAYKathy Banas
Coffee with the KingPOEMHannah Cook Cross
ColdPOEMAric Allen
ColumbinaPOEMW.F. Lantry
Comfort Food POEMRebecca Loudon
Communications at SeaPOEMPenelope Schott
ConcubinePOEMBetsy Johnson-Miller
Confession with Interpolations by the Persian Poet RumiPOEMPenelope Schott
Connecting The DotsPOEMMaxine Kumin
The Convening of GardenersPOEMKathy Banas
(Coral hotel room)POEMChad Lietz
Cork Oak BendARTCarolyn Krieg
Cosmology CookingPOEMRobin Chapman
Costa VerdeARTSharon Carter
Could I Stay Alone for a MonthPOEMFlorence Weinberger
COUNTRY (excerpt)POEMShelby Stephenson
CoupleARTJoan Stuart Ross
The CoveARTLinda Malnack
CrabARTRoberta Feins
The CraftPOEMRobert James Berry
Crenarchaeota (from The Other Kingdom)POEMAlissa Bernholc
Cretan Interlude: Lassithi PlateauPOEMAlicia Ostriker
Crossing Winter SnowPOEMLaura Snyder
Crossings POEMDerek Sheffield
CrowPOEMJohn Krumberger
Crows POEMCarolyn Locke
The Cruelest MonthPOEMJeanne Wagner
Cup of Coffee POEMR. Virg Ellis
Curse for a Man I Traveled with?POEMP. Hanahoe-Dosch
Cute, Fast GirlPOEMAmasa Guy Larkins
Cutting to ExistencePOEMSam Vaknin
DancingARTLinda Malnack
Dancing NudeARTPamela Moore Dionne
The Dangerous OnePOEMElizabeth Myhr
Dark FlockPOEML. Shapley Bassen
I .Mother to Daughter/II. Daughter to MotherPOEMLiz Walsh-Boyd
A Day in the LifePOEMMike Sukach
A Day Like ThatPOEMJohn Krumberger
Days of ReckoningPOEMRosemarie Crisafi
Dead HeatARTPamela Moore Dionne
The Dead Shoplifter: A Report From the Poetry FrontierESSAYJohn W. Marshall
Dear DiegoPOEMK. K. Todorovich
(Dearest Mary)POEMLouie Crew
December FloodPOEMKendall Dunkelberg
Deco BirdARTRoberta Feins
Deep with the First DeadPOEMKathleen Hellen
Deer Isle WinterPOEMNorma Sheard
DeflectionPOEMRodney Nelson
D‚j… vu Travel AgencyPOEMDory L. Hudspeth
Delightful Places to KissPOEMSusan Erickson
DelusionsPOEMLaura Snyder
DepressionPOEMMarilyn Mashburn Lewis
DepressionPOEMMike Dillon
DescartesPOEMCasey Fuller
DescentARTJoan Stuart Ross
Dialogue with a Dead BeaverPOEMJoel Solonche
Diego RiveraARTRobin Lindley
Diminished ThingsPOEMKathleen Dale
The Dinner PartyPOEMSusan Mersereau
Dinner, Writing, with Frida KahloPOEMJoannie Kervran
Dinosaur MonumentPOEMJo Nelson
Dipsomaniac SestinaPOEMPamela Moore Dionne
Dispatches from a Distant WarPOEMKevin Griffith
The DissolutionPOEMLeilani Wright
Dissolution?POEMJanet Barry
Distances: A Bumper-Car ExchangePOEMCissy Ross and Barry Spacks
Does That White Seem Cold?POEMCarol Potter
Dog Days 2POEMMaurice L. Hirsch, Jr.
A Dog's LifePOEMWilda Morris
Dogs Playing PokerPOEMJonathan Klages
Doing Rounds Alone at Six AMPOEMJennifer Stella
Don't Ask POEMDiane Kirsten-Martin
Donut POEMNorah Christianson
Door/MouseARTLinda Malnack
Double Magnolia POEMPeter Pereira
Double Talking PantoumPOEMKate Hovey
The DoublePOEMJames Esch
DownturnPOEMHoward Good
drinking problemPOEMRobert Winfield
Drinking Saved My LifePOEMCharles Rammelkamp
Driving Home From Mother's House POEMEsther Altshul Helfgott
Drum Circle POEMScott Galasso
Duty FreeARTDavid Francis
"E cantou a cantiga do Infinito numa capoeira"POEMMolly McGee
Early SpringPOEMMary Lynne Evans
The Earth Writes a Poem While We WatchPOEMChristina Pacosz
Easter Eggs in Buenos Aires POEMLorraine Healy
Eating Artichokes POEMNoelle Sickels
Editor's IntroductionESSAYLinda Malnack
Editor's NotesESSAYJana Harris
Editor's NotesESSAYJana Harris
Editor's NotesEssayJana Harris
Editor's NotesESSAYJana Harris
Editors' Notes - Poems of Place & DisplacementESSAYLinda Malnack
Editor's NotesESSAYJana Harris
Editor's NotesESSAYJana Harris
Editor's NotesESSAYChris Cantu
Editor's Notes on the inception of SWITCHED-ON GUTENBERGESSAYJana Harris
Editor's Notes: Gardening in FormESSAYRoberta Feins
Editor's Notes: Remembering BrieESSAYJana Harris
EggjasARTCarolyn Krieg
Eight BoatsARTJoan Stuart Ross
Electra Poem 2POEMAllan Douglass Coleman
ElegyPOEMRebecca Baggett
Elegy for DarknessPOEMSankar Roy
Elegy For My Mother's BreastsPOEMThea Sullivan
Elephant GirlARTRoberta Feins
Emergency SurgeryPOEMLois Marie Harrod
En ComienzoPOEMJo Nelson
The EndPOEMJeanne Lance
EnoughPOEMAmy MacLennan
The Epic of Morley SaferPOEMJames Cihlar
EpiloguePOEMJoan Fiset
Equilibrium Of ThingsPOEMBrownie Schoene
Eric at SixteenPOEMMary Lynne Evans
Eros: Thanatos POEMMark Kipness
Erotic Fantasy POEMStan Rice
ErrataPOEMChris Pusateri
EscapePOEMKatharyn Machan
Evening Fan IIARTJoan Stuart Ross
Evening ScenePOEMBill Vernon
Event POEMJesse Glass
Event ReportPOEMJulianna McCarthy
"Every Herring Hangs by Its Own Head"POEMRuth Daigon
Everyone Is GonePOEMSuzanne Scarfone
Exchange RatePOEMValerie Lawson
Excuse NotesPOEMClive Donovan
Exercise #1POEMBruce Taylor
Eye See POEMGerald Williams
EyesÿÿÿÿPOEMBarbara Daniels
Fabric of a Kiss POEMAllison Eir Jenks
Face ValuePOEMIrene Wanner
Fahrenheit 451 Revisited POEMC. E. Chaffin
Faint Memory of a Monk Losing His Faith POEMKristina Sigler
FaithPOEMPat Swenson
The Fall LinePOEMBob Mustin
Fallen SunflowersARTNura Petrov
The Falling ManPOEMJeanne Wagner
The Farther Away You Are, The Smaller You'll Appear (lb -36)POEMNikki Schulak
Father's DayPOEMRobin Lindley
Fear Of SciencePOEMLucille Lang Day
Feast (The Body in Hunger)POEMJulie Cooper-Fratrik
Feast Day POEMFred Ferraris
Field Guide POEMJim Gurley
Fiesta POEMCharles Rammelkamp
Fifteen and FiftyPOEMKristin Roedell
Fifteen to EighteenPOEMSergio Ortiz
FigurativeLeaf POEMHeather McHugh
The FirePOEMKathleen Fagley
The fireplace beat life into the housePOEMDennis Brumirski
Fish HeadsPOEMJanet Barry
Fish in a BucketARTRoberta Feins
FixPOEMAmy Pence
FlickerPOEMLauren Kaushansky
FlightARTRoberta Feins
FloatingARTLinda Malnack
Flying Featherless POEMBeth Dalton
FootprintsARTSharon Carter
For I Consider my Walt a Cool CatPOEMCarol Sunde
For Those Who Have DiedPOEMChristina-Marie
Forest TextureARTRoberta Feins
Forever and EverARTLinda Malnack
Forget-me-notPOEMGail Lukasik
Foster Care POEMMercedes Lawry
Four CloudsPOEMCarol Frith
Fragment Generator (Pocket Model)ARTDavid Francis
Freely Ye Have Received, Freely GivePOEMNicole J. Hardy
FridaPOEMJulie S. Cederberg
Frida in DetroitPOEMJohn McFarland
Frida in Pain #1/Frida in Pain #3POEMMercedes Lawry
Frida in Pain #1/Frida in Pain #3POEMMercedes Lawry
Frida KahloARTRobin Lindley
Frida PracticesPOEMLaura Snyder
The Frida ShirtPOEMGayle Brandeis
Frida to DiegoPOEMTara Hardy
Frida?s PalettePOEMIrene Wanner
From a Town Near an OceanPOEMRobin Lindley
From My Grandfather's NotebooksPOEMAnna Catone
Front PorchPOEMHilary Barnes
Frybread Trilogy POEMWendy Bishop
FugueARTCarolyn Krieg
Fugue State POEMSusan Terris
Full MoonPOEMLaura Cherry
The Gambler's DaughterPOEMLucille Lang Day
Game DayPOEMBarbara Crooker
Garden weaveARTRoberta Feins
Generation POEMNorine Radaikin
Getting Laid in Manhattan (Downtown)POEMRichard Kostelanetz
Ghetto Cemetery POEMKay Mullen
Ghost Houses POEMLouie Crew
Gimme Shelter Double Feature: Whiteout on the Tasman Saddle & Hurricane at HomePOEMEmari DiGiorgio
Glimpsed from a Car, Quickly PassingPOEMJoyce Carol Oates
Glorios, The Marigold!POEMNorah Christianson
GluePOEMDeborah Woodard
Good DogPOEMLisa Cihlar
Good FortunesPOEMScott Wiggerman
Got Any New Tattoos?POEMJoe Gouveia
Gradual Improvement in SightPOEMSharon Carter
Grave DiggersPOEMSharon Carter
Gravel, MinePOEMRebecca Clark
The Greatest MindsPOEMMatina Stamatakis
Greetings from the Dead Poets? ConventionPOEMMarjorie L. Manwaring
GrowingPOEMRobert James Berry
Growing Walla Walla SweetsPOEMK. K. Todorovich
Gulf War SyndromePOEMGlen A. Perice
GutenbergARTLinda Malnack
GutenbergARTRobin Lindley
GutenbergARTRobin Lindley
Habitat EnrichmentARTDavid Francis
HandARTLinda Malnack
Handball ElderPOEMEd Werstein
The Hardest ThingPOEMJana Harris
A Hat of CandlesPOEMMaureen Tolman Flannery
He asked while datingPOEMEli Briskin
Head XIARTJoan Stuart Ross
The Heart WantsARTSharon Carter
Heaven and EarthARTCarolyn Krieg
Heaven and Earth IARTJoan Stuart Ross
HelianthusARTCarolyn Krieg
The HillPOEMMercedes Lawry
HinduPOEMShikha Malaviya
History of a NationPOEMSankar Roy
A history, the marriagePOEMGary Esarey
The Hitler SpringPOEMDaniela Gioseffi
Hollywood GoodwillPOEMJane Alynn
Holy Week in the MojavePOEMLee Patton
HomesickPOEMAmy Schroeder
HoneysucklePOEMRufus Skeens
Horror FilmPOEMMillie Renfrow
HorsePOEMC.A. Bellamy
Horse LatitudesPOEMAnnette Spaulding-Convy
Horse RuminatesPOEMRebecca Clark
HorsesARTRoberta Feins
Hotel Room, 1931POEMJanee J. Baugher
House FirePOEMElizabeth Austen
The House?s WifePOEMEve Anthony Hanninen
HousecallPOEMArthur Ginsberg
Household Magic POEMFelicia Mitchell
Houston HaikuPOEMRobert Phillips
How Great Thou ArtPOEMBruce Sydow
How I Found And Lost ParadisePOEMPriscilla Turner
How Many Syllables Are There in Leotard? A Report from the Poetry FrontierESSAYJohn W. Marshall
How Poetry BeganPOEMCynthia Kraman
How she Knows a Good Day Before She sees OnePOEMMary Krane Derr
HT UnwrapARTCarolyn Krieg
HumanPOEMSharon Scholl
Hunger POEMAlessandra Taylor
Hunger POEMSusan Field
The HunterPOEMRyan Able
Hypnogagic LovePOEMGail Waldstein
I Almost Pmpetted SymbolismPOEMEsteban Colon
I am Still a LakeARTJoan Stuart Ross
I RaspitunatePOEMThomas Lowe Taylor
I want to Tell YouPOEMAric Allen
I, Michelangelo, Sculptor in RomePOEMQuentin Huff
Ibex in Judean DesertARTReva Sharon
If the Girl Behind the Counterat the Subway Sandwich Shop Ran the WorldPOEMDavid Alexander
If Wordsworth Were Alive TodayPOEMZack Rogow
Imagining RotaPOEMBrandy Bauer
ImmortalityPOEMTamara Kaye Sellman
ImmunityPOEMAric Allen
Impossible ThingsPOEMJessica Barksdale
The ImposterPOEMScott Speck-Lesh
In CordobaPOEMJulie Cooper-Fratrik
In Johanna?s Corner POEMKevin Miller
In PlaceARTTray Drumhann
.. In That Order POEMPeg Davis
In the 25th Year of My Grandmother's Death POEMMarc J. Straus
In the Dark POEMMary Lynne Evans
In the Luck FactoryPOEMLorraine S Schein
In the PinkPOEMTed Lord
In the Youth of SwedenborgPOEMDave Shortt
In This City of HermitsPOEMFrederick Lord
In Time POEMTed Lord
IncantationsPOEMMatina Stamatakis
Index: Kahlo, FridaPOEMLiz Walsh-Boyd
The Inertia of a Body Depends Upon Its Energy-ContentPOEMLinda Malnack
InferencePOEMMary Ellen Talley
Inkspots and Assorted PatternsPOEMDavid Sutherland
Inland EmpirePOEMRobin Lindley
InnardsPOEMKelly Lydick
Inside Out POEMJohn Platt
Insomniac DoggerelPOEMElizabeth Austen
Installing Screens, Everywhere POEMLauren Kaushansky
The InstructionsPOEMJames Bertolino
The InterrogationPOEMCrysta Casey
Introduction ? No Escape ClausePOEMLindaAnn LoSchiavo
The Invention of TimePOEMDonna J Waidtlow
Ionic BondsPOEMJessica G. de Koninck
Iowa, From Montana POEMKarl Garson
Issue Introduction: Why I Can?t/Didn?t Come to Your Poetry ReadingESSAYJana Harris
It all beganPOEMAnn Howells
It's 1968POEMFrank Van Zant
JacobPOEMDoug Tanoury
Jet LagPOEMSusan J. Erickson
JinPOEMK. K. Todorovich
Journey to YelapaPOEMMarilyn Mashburn Lewis
The Joys of NoshingPOEMPeggy Landsman
Just Another Over-Easy Two-Step Sizzle POEMJenny Scott
Kahlo/Rivera WebliographyOTHERRoberta Feins
KanellosPOEMBasil Rouskas
KharakterARTCarolyn Krieg
A Kind of DeathPOEMKathy Banas
The King of VegetablesPOEMArthur Ginsberg
Kirlian EffectPOEMLori Lamothe
The KitchenPOEMMarc Sheehan
Know ThyselfPOEMMichael Daley
Knowledge of the Elements POEMScott Reid Serkes
Kobe POEMScott Galasso
The Kolgorov ManifestPOEMDavid Annwn
La FranceARTJoan Stuart Ross
La Jolla de MismaloyaPOEMJudith Skillman
LacunaeARTCarolyn Krieg
Landlocked People Often Dream the Sea POEMRobin Lindley
Lapin KultaPOEMDavid Starkey
Las Dos FridasPOEMMary Lynne Evans
Last Attempt to Heal Catherine MoranPOEMKevin Miller
Last ColorsPOEMMark Newman
Last May in UmbriaPOEMCarol Kelly
Last WeekPOEMRochelle Ratner
LatePOEMRoberta Feins
Late in the SeasonPOEMWilliam Reichard
Leah Speaks POEMMaura Alia Bramkamp
Learning a new LanguagePOEMSharon Carter
LedaARTLinda Malnack
Legless Zen Master POEMErrol Hess
Leon TrotskyARTRobin Lindley
A Letter from George SandPOEMZack Rogow
Letter from the EditorsESSAYJanee J. Baugher
Letter to God #1POEMLarry Rapant
Letter to God #2POEMLarry Rapant
Letter to Myself, Bahia Des Los MuertesPOEMPeter Munro
Letter To Your SeratoninPOEMTed Lord
A Lewis Carroll CarolPOEMMillie Renfrow
The Liberation of MadnessPOEMJennifer Lagier
Liberty Had Che Guevara in a HeadlockPOEMJ. Kevin Wolfe
Library BooksPOEMMercedes Lawry
LifelineARTJoan Stuart Ross
Lift CoefficientARTLinda Malnack
Lights Out on Lonely StreetPOEMKim Baker
Liselotte?s Favor and GracePOEMMary Zeppa
Lit examPOEMTimothy Pilgrim
A Little Like RasputinPOEMElizabeth Kerlikowske
The Little Matchgirl, RevisitedPOEMPesha Joyce Gertler
Little Peach IARTJoan Stuart Ross
Little Peach IIARTJoan Stuart Ross
Live or DieARTLinda Malnack
Living Things POEMPat Swenson
Living with RatfinderPOEMJudith Katz Levine
LizardARTRoberta Feins
Logan Circle, Washington, D.C.POEMBrandy Bauer
Lone EgretPOEMCathy Ruiz
LoopARTJoan Stuart Ross
The Lord Is My Shepherd I Shall Not WantPOEMJoyce Carol Oates
Losing It After The Shooting POEMMary Lynne Evans
Lost VirginityPOEMGeorge Moore
LotteryPOEMRasma Haidri
Love as a Study of Energy and MatterPOEMJanee J. Baugher
Love Poem with EyebrowPOEMSam Rasnake
Lowku POEMLarry Rapant
Lucky HandsPOEMNorm Goodwin
Made for Television POEMJames Tisdale
Maggots POEMJoanne Barrie Lynn
MagicPOEMJames Croal Jackson
The Mailman And The MasterPOEMLiz Walsh-Boyd
Mama's Gumbo POEMJude Roy
The Man WhoPOEMJoanne Barrie Lynn
MapPOEMRebecca Clark
Map (back)ARTLinda Malnack
Map (front)ARTLinda Malnack
Map IARTJoan Stuart Ross
Map/FirenzeARTJoan Stuart Ross
Map/Firenze IIARTJoan Stuart Ross
Map/RomaARTJoan Stuart Ross
MappingPOEMS.W. Rickett
Mapping the Human GenomePOEMPatricia Gray
Marine CollageARTRoberta Feins
Mask & Sea II ARTJoan Stuart Ross
Mathematical OrderARTKip Deeds
Mavka #29POEMPadma Thornlyre
May FirstPOEMAlicia Ostriker
Maybe in My Neighbor?s HousePOEMLisa Ortiz
Meatloaf Night at GracelandPOEMArlene Kim
MedicatedPOEMMiki Hopper-Estrada
Meditation InstructionsPOEMSylvia Byrne Pollack
Memory ShuttersARTDavid Francis
La Mer des SargassesPOEMHeather Cauchy
Mercator ProjectionPOEMArthur Ginsberg
Message to the Person in ChargePOEMBrian Katz
MetacognitionPOEMCyan Orr
The Meteorologist's BreastsPOEMPaul Hostovsky
Middle AgePOEMMarilyn Mashburn Lewis
MigrationPOEMJames Owens
Military Issue: Boot, rough-out combat, tanPOEMTami M. Johnson
The Mind The BrainPOEMZane Ivy
The Miqva in Besalu, SpainPOEMDorothy J. Williams
Mirror TimePOEMJ.I. Kleinberg
Missed ApproachPOEMLinda Fulsaas
Mister Body and Miss CommunicationPOEMDavid Athey
Mistress Melody Brown, 1898POEMSusan Terris
MobilityPOEMEmily Severance
Moderation POEMPeter Aaron
Monet's Low Tide at VarengevillePOEMMary McMillan Terry
MoonshadowsPOEMAlyssa Lappen
Morning AfterPOEMNaomi Krupitsky
MortalityPOEMShirley Kaufman
Mostly CloudyPOEMJanet Barry
Mother and FatherARTArmando Soto
Mother and Father POEMJulia Soto Lebentritt
I .Mother to Daughter/II. Daughter to MotherPOEMLiz Walsh-Boyd
An excerpt from "Mother"POEMMorgan Blair
The Muscles Of The FacePOEMTimothy Kelly
Music for the Art of MagicPOEMLeah Shelleda
mussels and mangoes POEMMarjorie L. Manwaring
Mussolini at the Buitoni Baci FactoryPOEMSharon Carter
My Cathedral POEMJames Bertolino
My College Education POEMMary Krane Derr
My Father?s HousePOEMJoseph Powell
My Father?s Tzimmes, 1956POEMEsther Altshul Helfgott
My Life at the MoviesPOEMLynne Shapiro
My Night with Federico Garcia Lorca POEMJaime Manrique
My Parents Meet at La Grande PlacePOEMElline Lipkin
Near the AlgonquinPOEMMark Newman
Neighbor complains snorer violates city noise ordinancePOEMRochelle Ratner
Nell UnveiledPOEMRebecca Clark
NestsARTRoberta Feins
Net Surfing 2:00 A.M. (Audio) POEMMary Mackey
The New American Poetry: Cento For Donald AllenPOEMGrace Bauer
Night DogsPOEMCharlene Logan Burnett
The night I went fishing with Joe Davis from the Institute of TechnologyPOEMMary Lynne Evans
Night visitorPOEMRosie Garland
No ExitARTSharon Carter
No Ordinary Sleep POEMKay Mullen
Norma Jeane: The Deer POEMJoan Swift
The North American Spotted Weather TrollPOEMKen Poyner
NostalgiaPOEMJoyce Carol Oates
Not All Our Excuses Come to LightPOEMLois Marie Harrod
Not FogPOEMClaire Keyes
NOTES on Place and Displacement: : The Other AmericaESSAYJana Harris
OctoberPOEMJennifer Juneau
Ode To A Madrona TreePOEMNorm Goodwin
Ode to a Yellow Fire HydrantARTArmando Soto
Ode to a Yellow Fire HydrantPOEMJulia Soto Lebentritt
Ode to HandsPOEMSusan J. Erickson
Ode to Range Cows - 2nd movement POEMLaura Snyder
Ode to the Extinguished SelfPOEMAmy Pence
Off the Road POEMKate Bernardette Benedict
The Old HandPOEMWilliam Pitt Root
The Old Woman and the Gray CatPOEMJay Udall
The Old Woman and the RiverPOEMAlicia Ostriker
Olive BranchPOEMJonathan Travelstead
Omeyoti: divine dualityPOEMMary Hope Whitehead Lee
On the Beach IARTJoan Stuart Ross
On the Midwest PoetPOEMCasey Fuller
On the Surface, FlashingNOTEAlexis White
Orgasmic OrangePOEMMary Ladd
Origins POEMJoan Larkin
Outer SpacePOEMMike White
Outside Is as Usual POEMSean Bentley
Overbearing by the BayPOEMJohn Gorski
OverboardPOEMC.R. Manley
Pac-Man?s New NosePOEMJosh Canipe
Pangs of ArtPOEMK. K. Todorovich
PanicPOEMKathy Nelson
Paper DollARTRoberta Feins
ParadigmARTLinda Malnack
ParasiticPOEMMatina Stamatakis
Paris, TennesseePOEMMichael Graber
Part of You POEMAlicia Wilson
A Partial Inventory of Personal ExcusesPOEMAdrian S. Potter
Passing InterestPOEMRober Miltner
Paying DuesPOEMTed Lord
Peace for All Living Things on EarthPOEMLinda Meyers
PebblesPOEMMary Lynne Evans
PelonaPOEMBrando J. Rogers
Penguin NightARTRoberta Feins
PerturbationARTLinda Malnack
Pet ExcusesPOEMJoan Mazza
Peter RabbitPOEMLaura Shovan
PhantasiestuckPOEMJo Nelson
PhilomelARTCarolyn Krieg
PhosphorousPOEMJoan Maiers
PhotoARTJames Luciano
Photo Of My Father At TwelvePOEMLindsey Royce
Physics Exam Answer SheetPOEMPatricia Monaghan
A Physics LessonPOEMTodd Sanders
Picture PostcardPOEMTheresa Pappas
Piece of WorkPOEMRoberta Feins
Pieds a TerrePOEMMaura Alia Bramkamp
Pine, ArizonaPOEMKelly Lydick
PioneerARTLinda Malnack
A place map and the tanka of timePOEMDesmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingd‚
Place of My Birth POEMArthur Ginsberg
Place of My BirthARTCaroline Clarke
Planning for My Praise PoemPOEMJohn Burns
Please Can We Talk About Rain?POEMT. Clear
PoemPOEMPaul Barclay
Poem Beginning with the Ending and Ending with the BeginningPOEMTom C. Hunley
Poem While the Market CrashesPOEMGeorge Moore
The poet sees the collage artist and thinks of Shakespeare's workPOEMJudith Arcana
Poetry as Life-Saver and I don't mean Candy: Report from the Poetry FrontierESSAYJohn W. Marshall
Poetry Ball SwingARTMaureen Conroy
Polar RegionsPOEMCatherine Moss
Poles ApartPOEMMercedes Lawry
A Polish RecipePOEMRoberta Feins
PortraitPOEMRuth Kessler
Portrait of Paolo POEMKristin Camitta Zimet
Position Paper POEMBarry Spacks
Postcard from Taos, New MexicoPOEMElizabeth Scism
Postcard from the Scenic Caf‚POEMDarby Ringer
A Pot of Humuhumunukunukuapua'aPOEMRachel Dacus
The Power of MapsPOEMMike McDonough
PragueARTLinda Malnack
Prayer of The SowPOEMBruce Plotkin
Precise DistortionsPOEMRichard Fein
Preparing WinePOEMAja Rajendran
PresentPOEMPatricia Ranzoni
Pressure DropARTTray Drumhann
The PricePOEMRufus Skeens
Prince of Darkness POEMJoan Stuart Ross
The PrintshopPOEMArthur Ginsberg
Private RoomPOEMRobin Lindley
ProgressPOEMEmari DiGiorgio
The PromotionPOEMMarge Piercy
Protocol Amendment #1POEMSusan E. Hamilton
Psyche in LovePOEMSally Ashton
Puberty, 1895POEMJanee J. Baugher
Pulsar, Pulsare ARTJoan Stuart Ross
Putting on a Cardigan at MidnightPOEMChris Prewitt
Quadrants of the BodyPOEMJames Cihlar
QueridoARTCarolyn Krieg
The Question was Where have you been?POEMJan C. Snow
Quick FireARTCarolyn Krieg
R.M. POEMBonnie Blader
The Rabbis DebatePOEMDoug Nathan
Rain ForestARTSharon Carter
The Rain in FlandersPOEMKendall Dunkelberg
Rainbow ObsidianPOEMKathryn Cumming
Rainbow Over New BrunswickPOEMCynthia Kraman
RainmakerPOEMKim Goldberg
RaynaudPOEMAntonia Clark
Ready . . . Set . . . Go POEMJean Dubois and Francine Porad
Rearview MirrorPOEMChris Cantu
Recipe for a Good Life POEMLynne Meredith Cohn
A ReckoningPOEMCarolyn Locke
Red CabinPOEMAndrew Grossman
Red HillARTJoan Ross Blaedel
Red-tailed HawkPOEMLaura Snyder
Reflecting on "What The Water Gave Me"POEMGayla Chaney
The RegularsPOEMShelley Puhak
The Reign Of KaiPOEMSusan Littlefield
Releasing a BirdPOEMMark Halperin
Remedy for Sorrow I, II, & III POEMLiz Walsh-Boyd
Remember the IncrediblePOEMDerek Sheffield
Renaissance GirlARTLinda Malnack
Repetition Is A Kind Of Rhyme POEMLinda Malnack
Reporting Live from PortmanteaupiaPOEMAdrian S. Potter
Requiem in BluePOEMJ.L. McDonough
ResonancePOEMDonna Mae Brown
Revised Penal LawPOEMLouis Phillips
Rhubarb Baby POEMAllen Braden
Right Here, Under the Milky Way POEMPeg Davis
River IARTJoan Stuart Ross
Rivera?s Age of Industry, Detroit, 1932POEMRobin Lindley
RiverMapPOEMKelly Lenox Allan
RomancePOEMHolly Anderson
Rooms We Didn't Live In POEMMichael Klein
The RoostPOEMLinda Umans
Roots and Rot POEMTaylor Graham
Rough NightPOEMClaudia Putnam
Roxbury, 1956POEMKatharyn Machan
RubiconPOEMDavid Woodward
Sacramento morningPOEMRosalee van Stelten
SacrificePOEMKim Roberts
Sadie's ShardsPOEMGail Tuch
SafetyPOEMMelissa Scholes Young
Saint Francis And The SowPOEMGalway Kinnell
Salem POEMMarilyn Mashburn Lewis
Saying the NecessaryPOEMEd Harkness
The Science of BeginningPOEMKelli Russell Agodon
Sea SquirtARTMary Pearson
Second Bull RunPOEMEd Harkness
Second-Generation Hypertext in "A Life Set for Two" (Review)OTHERH. M. Franking, Ph.D.
The Seductiveness of the Memory HolePOEMJessy Randall
See How Sky FallsPOEMKaren Neuberg
SeerPOEMJo Nelson
Self-portraitPOEMGerry McFarland
Self-portrait Boston, 1994POEMKathi Morrison
Self-portrait Very AngryPOEMKay Mullen
The Semi-Haiku of FridamaniaPOEMLiz Walsh-Boyd
"Sempre uma coisa defronte da outra"POEMMolly McGee
Sensory System of NavigationPOEMSusan Terris
Sequence, Experiments POEMJ. E. Yeasting
Seven-Year EtchingsPOEMJoan Maiers
She had all the answersPOEMElizabeth Kerlikowske
She spoke ofPOEMStephen Swartz
Shell MudraPOEMRoberta Feins
Shipwrecked on the North Atlantic - The First of February, 1826 POEMRobert Klein Engler
ShorthornsPOEMChristianne Balk
Sic Transit: Bag Lady BluesPOEMDiane Gage
SignARTJoan Stuart Ross
Sign HereARTLinda Malnack
SignsPOEMPriya Keefe
Simon Rodia Builds the East Tower of Nuestro Puebloto Honor His Brother Killed in a Mine ExplosionPOEMWilliam Kelly Woolfitt
Singing Bird WomanPOEMJoanne Barrie Lynn
Sixty-FivePOEMBarbara Crooker
Sky Burial POEMWilliam Slaughter
SleepPOEMBeau Boudreaux
SleepwalkingPOEMDoug Tanoury
Sliced MoonPOEMD.J. Gaskin
Slime Molds (Myxomycota) from The Other KingdomPOEMAlissa Bernholc
Slimming without Pills POEMBrian Murphy
SlippingPOEMWilliam Reichard
Slow GrowthPOEMJohn Anderson
Smile On A SkullPOEMJack Marshall
Snow Geese POEMChristianne Balk
Snow TheoryARTLinda Malnack
Sober POEMMercedes Lawry
SoCal ExcusePOEMDiane Gage
Soft CoralARTMary Pearson
Softly from the BrickPOEMElizabeth P Glixman
Sognfjord (Detail)ARTJoan Stuart Ross
Soldier,Peasant and WorkerPOEMNeca Stoller
Some GuyPOEMMercedes Lawry
Some Things About the BodyPOEMJ.P. Dancing Bear
Sonora POEMTerri Cohlene
SophrosyneARTCarolyn Krieg
Soul on Stones IVARTJoan Stuart Ross
The Sound of Your Mother ChewingPOEMSusan Terris
SoundingsPOEMJeanne Lance
SoundingsARTRoberta Feins
SpinPOEMJoAnna Scandiffio
Split CedarPOEMNina Redman
St. Anthony Preaching to the FishPOEMKim Roberts
StalemateARTSharon Carter
Stars Begin With CollapsePOEMRobin Lindley
Status ReportPOEMRebecca Givens Rolland
Staved LucidityPOEMJennifer Lagier
sthira sukha asanamPOEMMegan Schardt
Still in Madagascar after ChemotherapyPOEMLaura Snyder
The Stock Market Loses FluidityPOEMBarbara Crooker
Stork ClubARTRoberta Feins
Storm SurgePOEMKelly Lenox Allan
The StrawberryPOEMKathy Briccetti
Strike: Variations on Ten WordsPOEMScott Wiggerman
The Structure of DorritPOEMGiles Goodland
Studying Wu Wei, Muir beachPOEMJane Hirshfield
Such a Way to Go POEMMartha Silano
Such RedsPOEMMercedes Lawry
Suicidal IdeationPOEMMary Krane Derr
Sun & MoonARTRoberta Feins
Sunday Paper POEMRichard Rocco
Sunflowers POEMEileen Walsh Duncan
Sunken TreasureARTLinda Malnack
Sunlight Through AlderARTPamela Moore Dionne
Sunrise at Sea (Cape Disappointment)ARTDavid Francis
Super Spar POEMDavid Starkey
Surf ClamPOEMCharles H. Oberkher
SurfacingPOEMKim Hamilton
A Sympathy for Bones and MeatPOEMJudy French
The Table of LossesPOEMMartha Silano
TableauPOEMHolly Anderson
Take 23 POEMChristine Hamm
Taking Davey?s PulsePOEMJudith Arcana
Taking My MeasurePOEMJennifer Highland
The Tao Te DoughnutPOEMBill Stifler
Tapping at the Hollywood BarPOEMMaura Alia Bramkamp
Taste POEMMary Elizabeth Parker
Taste the Heart of Darkness POEMWilliam Keener
Tasty Fries POEMAllan Douglass Coleman
Tender Lift of Lint POEMJoan Stuart Ross
The Tenderized KingdomPOEMAnne Fiero
Tentacled MotherfuckerPOEMMike White
TestPOEMTara Shea Burke
Text Box #23ARTDavid Francis
Texta, TextaeARTJoan Stuart Ross
TextualPOEMLuisa A Igloria
Thank-you NotesPOEMJames Oliver Tisdale
That Hunger POEMCristina Lopez
The 73 Octaves of NaturePOEMJim Gurley
The Dog Ate Our htmlPOEMKit Kennedy
The PrintshopARTCaroline Clarke
The Rapist JustifiesPOEMVidya S. Panicker
The Reason I Let Him InPOEMSharyl

Sharyl Collin
The World in Four PartitionsARTDavid Francis
The ory of Relatives (after Einstein)POEMAllan Douglass Coleman
ThirstPOEMJudith Skillman
Thirty-three Days of RainPOEMLea Banks
This Is Not A Poem For YouPOEMEmma Bolden
This is the Kind of MoonPOEMSara Lier
This Year?s ModelPOEMStephen Mead
This Year's Christmas Cake POEMS. Alice Tyack
Till Human Voices Wake Us, and We DrownPOEMHeidi Broadhead
Time PiecesPOEMMike White
Title Page Photograph (Gutenberg Caf‚)ARTVictor Kubik
To FridaPOEMAnn Spiers
To Frida KahloPOEMJohn L. Platt
Too Many, Too FewPOEMNicolas Lantz
Tracing the Face of the WorldPOEMGayla Chaney
TransparencyPOEMDavid Francis
Transportation Is Necessary to Experience the First HarvestPOEMJoel Gillman
The Trinal Triplicities of Which Spenser TalksPOEMJuleigh Howard-Hobson
Tristram's GracklesARTReva Sharon
TucanoARTCarolyn Krieg
Two Views of Mt FujiPOEMJohn Gorski
U.S. MapPOEMRoberta Feins
Ultrasound (II)POEMMolly Sutton Kiefer
Unbidden POEMKelley Beeson
Under DarknessPOEMJoannie Stangeland
Under the Trees POEMNorah Christianson
The Unfound DoorPOEMM. Anne Sweet
UnpluggedPOEMSusan Mersereau
UntitledARTGeoffrey A. Landis
Unto DustPOEMMercedes Lawry
Urban Spring POEMJudith Westley
used car lot signPOEMGeoff Pope
Vapor TrailPOEMStephen Bett
Variation On An Old ThemePOEMElizabeth O'Brien
Velvet Elvis?s Temple of DoomPOEMAlan Catlin
ViburnumPOEMCarol Frith
VictorianaARTLinda Malnack
The View from NovemberPOEMPaul Fisher
VincentPOEMStephen Mead
Excerpt from VisitationARTCarolyn Krieg
Excerpt from VisitationOTHERKim Hamilton
VoicePOEMJulie L. Moore
Waco, 1993POEMJohn Evans
Waiting for the Free Play in the ParkPOEMCasey Fuller
The WakefulPOEMDave Seter
Wall Map Diptych (left panel)ARTJoan Stuart Ross
WallpaperARTRoberta Feins
Walls Become Doors POEMJoseph Greer
War, Pestilence, Famine and Bad HairPOEMRoberta Feins
Warming SonnetPOEMBrad Hatfield
WarriorARTLinda Malnack
Watching the River Flow POEMRobert Lietz
Watching the WheelsARTTray Drumhann
Water and WoodARTJoan Ross Blaedel
Water StreetPOEMIssa Lewis
Waterfall POEMErika Bauer
WaterslainPOEMKhadija Anderson
WavesPOEMVirginia Terris
The Way Words TastePOEMDeborah Bacharach
We Have Traveled HerePOEMAndrena Zawinski
We the PeoplePOEMMarilyn McCabe
Marilyn McCabe
We Who MovePOEMChris Anderson
The Weather LettersPOEMJoanne M. Clarkson
WeatherboyPOEMJill Siebers
Weave 1ARTLinda Malnack
Weave 2ARTLinda Malnack
Weave 3ARTLinda Malnack
Weave 4ARTLinda Malnack
what a woman wants POEMRosemerry Wahtola Trommer
What He Wouldn't Be Thinking AboutPOEMJohn Sangster
What I'm Doing HerePOEMChris Cantu
What it Feels LikePOEMAlison Turner
What Milliner Bedecks the Maple?POEMBarbara L Thomas
What's The Point?POEMRobert Phillips
WheelARTJoan Stuart Ross
When I Get Turned Down for the Job of PoetPOEMElizabeth O'Brien
when I was a child, I prayed nightlyPOEMSusan Sailer
When I was Thin POEMMaura Alia Bramkamp
When is it luck? When is it accident?POEMMercedes Lawry
Where I Come From--POEMGerald Wozek
While Butch Robs TrainsPOEMClaudia Putnam
Whirling Dervishes II POEMPatricia Goedicke
White PoemARTJoan Stuart Ross
White Poem (detail)ARTJoan Stuart Ross
Why Horses Sleep Standing UpPOEMNora Mitchell
Why I Can?t Be TherePOEMJoan Mazza
Why We Hike to the Duck MarshPOEMEd Harkness
Wigwam AvePOEMStephen Campiglio
Wild CherriesPOEMKathleen Hellen
The Wild Turkey GangPOEMGabriella Brand
WindflowersARTReva Sharon
Wing/Leaf/TreeARTJoan Stuart Ross
Winter Palace, St. PetersburgPOEMCarole Stone
Winter Retreat II and IIIPOEMOod Petty
Winter Retreat II and IIIPOEMOod Petty
Winter Vacation, Galena 1996POEMMargot Boyer
Within/WithoutPOEMMark DeCarteret
Without the Rain?s Taut Blue SkinPOEMLinda Greenmun
Witness to History POEMBrownie Schoene
A woman standing by the stone wallPOEMSherry O?Keefe (Faber)
Wonder Cabinet from ?Shard? Exhibit at
Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle
ARTDavid Francis
Word BoatARTJoan Stuart Ross
words just waiting POEMLarry Huggins
World TravelerPOEMMario Milosevic
Writing JournalPOEMJane Kennedy
XochitlPOEMScott Galasso
You Are HerePOEMRobert Huotari
Your Guardian AngelPOEMPeter Aaron
Your mother imagines that you talk to herPOEMRebecca Jessup
Zen, she saysPOEMMary Zeppa
Zoe, LeavingPOEMCatherine Sutthoff Slaton