Index by Title for Issues 1 – 25

"E cantou a cantiga do Infinito numa capoeira"POEMMcGee, Molly
"Every Herring Hangs by Its Own Head"POEMDaigon, Ruth
"Sempre uma coisa defronte da outra"POEMMcGee, Molly
(Coral hotel room)POEMLietz, Chad
(Dearest Mary)POEMCrew, Louie
.. In That Order POEMDavis, Peg
1017 River RoadPOEMWilladson, Shari Diane
1972 Barracks Lane, Before and AfterPOEMMerrifield, Karla Linn
28 JunePOEMIgloria, Luisa A.
40 Out Past WentzvillePOEMSykes, Royce
5 by 2: Number 1POEMErickson, Susan
6 Months MuseumPOEMPayne, Lara
A Bit of Tropic Outside the Delta ShopritePOEMPacosz, Christina
A Bloody Cross Against Your NamePOEMHorn, Paul
A book, he said, should be a ball of light in the hand.POEMArcana, Judith
A Cat Named PigPOEMMcIntosh, Scott
A Day in the LifePOEMSukach, Mike
A Day Like ThatPOEMKrumberger, John
A Dog's LifePOEMMorris, Wilda
A Few PointersPOEMMontgomery, Jenny
A Full Woman's WordARTKrieg, Caroline
A Hat of CandlesPOEMFlannery, Maureen Tolman
A history, the marriagePOEMEsarey, Gary
A Kind of DeathPOEMBanas, Kathy
A Letter from George SandPOEMRogow, Zack
A Lewis Carroll CarolPOEMRenfrow, Millie
A Little Like RasputinPOEMKerlikowske, Elizabeth
A Partial Inventory of Personal ExcusesPOEMPotter, Adrian S.
A Physics LessonPOEMSanders, Todd
A place map and the tanka of timePOEMZhicheng-Mingdé, Desmond Kon
A Polish RecipePOEMFeins, Roberta
A Pot of Humuhumunukunukuapua'aPOEMDacus, Rachel
A rach nidPOEMManwaring, Marjorie L.
A ReckoningPOEMLocke, Carolyn
A Sympathy for Bones and MeatPOEMFrench, Judy
A woman standing by the stone wallPOEMO'Keefe (Faber), Sherry
Abandoned Hearth ArtWoods, Christopher
Abecedary Twice PlusPOEMHopper-Estrada, Miki
About Your Things POEMFlanders, Ruth
Access CodePOEMRoss, Joan Stuart
AccessCodeARTRoss, Joan Stuart
Accident PronePOEMPotter, Adrian S.
According to the Rules We Made Up YesterdayPOEMCihlar, Lisa
Adagio POEMWallace, Jan
AddressPOEMSmith, John
Admiration POEMGibbons, Reginald
Advanced AlchemyPOEMGoodfellow, Jessica
Advent North MinneapolisPOEMKrumberger, John
After a Right MastectomyPOEMSnyder, Laura
After His Golden Retriever DiedPOEMThalman, Mark
After School on a ThursdayPOEMLord, Ted
After the Centaur LecturePOEMWoodard, Deborah
After the FuneralPOEMPotter, Adrian S.
After the Poetry Reading Someone Gives Me a Plastic Sack Full of FoodPOEMFuller, Casey
After the StormPOEMNightingale, Barbra
After Yesterday's StormPOEMPfingston, Roger
Afternoon on the Terrace, Via Del CoralloPOEMCadnum, Michael
Again, But NewPOEMAylsworth, Peggy
Agate Blue EyeARTKrieg, Caroline
Alki CafePOEMSchoene, Brownie
Always Careful Potatoes Do Not Touch... POEMThomas, Barbara L
Amenities POEMThomas, Barbara L
AmericoPOEMSimpson, Scott
Among Other ThingsPOEMCressio-Moeller, Kelly
An Emphasis on Perseverance POEMLawry, Mercedes
An excerpt from "Mother"POEMBlair, Morgan
AnatomyPOEMWooldridge, Mishon A.
AnemoneARTPearson, Mary
AnemoneARTPearson, Mary
Angkor MassagePOEMSuch, George
Animal FarmPOEMAlves, Elvis
AnonPOEMMachan, Katharyn
Another CountryPOEMJaffe, Fredda
Antique EmporiumPOEMEisenhart, Gail
Apparently Empty SkyPOEMBacharach, Deborah
ApprenticeshipPOEMSlaymaker, Bob
Arabesque IARTRoss, Joan Stuart
Arriving at the HospitalPOEMBlazek, Larry
Arterial FlowPOEMBecherer, Lori
ArtichokeARTSnyder, Laura
Artichoke Beach, California POEMMcKain, Mark
Artifact KahloPOEMNewman, Mark
Artist Awash in RedsPOEMWalsh-Boyd, Liz
As IfPOEMIgnatow, David
Aseel Turned Away at Airport GatePOEMSailer, Susan
AsylumARTKrieg, Caroline
Asylum 1POEMMcCarthy, Juliana
At the Corner of Richmond & MainPOEMHowerow, Louisa
At the Present Moment Café‚POEMHarrod, Lois Marie
At the Top of the StairsPOEMHarris, David M.
AttemptedPOEMNelson, Kelly
August [late afternoon]POEMDenonno, April A.
Auto Life FirePOEMMae Reese, Rita
Awaiting Your TouchArtWoods, Christopher
Back Home During DroughtPOEMBalcarcel, Rebecca
Back Home: UnemployedPOEMBrand, Gabriella
Back ThenPOEMDaigon, Ruth
BackfirePOEMMoore, Julie L.
Backyard Nuthatch Active POEMMarshall, John W.
Bad Weather RomancePOEMSchumann, Tina
BalanceARTMintz, Gwendolyn Joyce
Banff, Jan. 18POEMChapman, Robin
BargainPOEMMacDonald, Iain
Baseline of the SoulPOEMGinsberg, Arthur
Basho, GlimpsedPOEMWhite, Mike
Battering Robin Syndrome POEMKelley, Tina
Beachcomber Island (Fiji, 1985) POEMMalnack, Linda
Bear of the SeaARTFeins, Roberta
BeatitudePOEMHostovsky, Paul
Before He Betrayed HerPOEMChace, Joel
Before the Air Hangs in JunePOEMEklund, Laura
Berkeley: Youth And Age POEMOstriker, Alicia
Beyond QuestionPOEMLevin, Carol
Bidding At The AuctionPOEMMachan, Katharyn
Big SkyARTOleck, Loretta
Big Tomato POEMLawry, Mercedes
Biography and Artist's StatementESSAYHamilton, Kim
BirdPOEMKelly-DeWitt, Susan
BirdingPOEMAgran, Rick
Birds, Bees, and an Orange TreePOEMChadwick, Kent
Black TrumpetsPOEMSchwartz, Carla
Blackbeard, AZPOEMHedstrom, Leon
Blacker BlackPOEMRea, Dave
Blackout into SunlightPOEMIgnatow, Yaedi
BlakeARTFeins, Roberta
Blessing what's yet to be lostPOEMZeppa, Mary
Blown From The Heart UpARTKrieg, Caroline
BluePOEMMackey, Mary
Blue 71/MarshlandPOEMLavin, Stuart R.
Blue MuseARTMalnack, Linda
Blue PillPOEMLoudon, Rebecca
Blue ShiftARTMalnack, Linda
Blueprint to Build a Safe HarborPOEMSeter, Dave
Body FarmPOEMFordon, Kelly
Body LandscapeARTDionne, Pamela Moore
Body MusicPOEMWinters, Pam
Booklist (poetry book reviews) ESSAYMarshall, John W.
Booklist (poetry notes) ESSAYDeavel, Christine
Botanic Garden SilencePOEMWaldstein, Gail
Botanical 2016ArtHaber, Ira Joel
Botanical 2016ArtHaber, Ira Joel
Box Construction (55 Bird Skulls)ARTFrancis, David
Box Construction (Russian Dictionary, 1917)ARTFrancis, David
Box Construction (Shredded Text Roller Cage) - PrototypeARTFrancis, David
Box Construction (Victorian Novel)ARTFrancis, David
Box Construction with Fish and TubeARTFrancis, David
Box Construction with Mayan BifaceARTFrancis, David
Boxes, Locked and Found POEMLynn, Joanne Barrie
Boy or GirlARTCarter, Sharon
Breakfast at the Lake POEMFishman, Charles
Breaking my fast after feverPOEMZeppa, Mary
BridgeARTDrumhann, Tray
Bright Red House 2013ArtHaber, Ira Joel
Broken Bone ChokerPOEMHeideman, Kathleen M.
Broken WingPOEMRoss, Joan Stuart
Bruschetta POEMAgodon, Kelli Russell
Brushes with StardomARTDeeds, Kip
ButPOEMDay, Lucille Lang
But I Know What I LikePOEMMcIntosh, Scott
La Cala y La CalaveraPOEMHealy, Lorraine
Calla Lilies and Skulls/La Cala y La CalaveraPOEMHealy, Lorraine
Candy Houses POEMHamilton, Kim
CantaloupePOEMRoss, Joan Stuart
Canto 10 Somewhere in the MiddlePOEMEllis, R. Virg
Car DoorsPOEMLosi, Carol
Carnal (A New Opening Into His Body)POEMDeavel, Christine
CarnevalePOEMKessler, Ruth
Cat Remains are FoundPOEMShulklapper, Lucille Gang
Catalina MorningARTZiel, Carolyn
Celestial DomeARTRoss, Joan Stuart
Cell and FruitARTRoss, Joan Stuart
Cell and Fruit IARTRoss, Joan Stuart
Cell and Fruit IV ARTRoss, Joan Stuart
ChairsARTPetrov, Nura
Chambered MorselsARTRoss, Joan Stuart
Characters on a Trading Desk Engulfed in Red InkPOEMBriardy, Pat
Charged Particles: An E-mailPOEMRogow, Zack
Chart of the Southern ClimeARTRoss, Joan Stuart
ChatterPOEMChapman, Robin
Checkered Past ARTRoss, Joan Stuart
Chemo BrainPOEMFoster, Brett
Chez GretelPOEMZafar, Jen
Chicken FeathersPOEMWaidtlow, Donna J
Childhood Montage with Liquid NitrogenPOEMSkillman, Judith
Choke Berry Tree in WinterPOEMDevine, Maija Rhee
Christine FallsPOEMMullen, Kay
Cinquain of the ChairsPOEMCooper-Fratrik, Julie
City of Love #2POEMHemmings, Kyle
City of Saint Francis in MotionPOEMSpaulding-Convy, Annette
ClayPOEMOet, Jacob
Cliff Swallows POEMSwenson, Pat
Climbing CloudsARTPfingston, Roger
Closed Head InjuryPOEMSkillman, Judith
Cloud 3ARTNelson, Kelly
Cloud Image 1ARTGarcia, Vanessa
Cloud Image 2ARTGarcia, Vanessa
Cloud Removal: Based on Actual EventsPOEMBradley, John
Cloud Sweep Johnson RoadARTLaMorticella, Barbara
Cloud TroublePOEMClear, T.
Clouds & Light #4ARTMintz, Gwendolyn Joyce
Clouds over Rt. 30 (St Helens Road)ARTLaMorticella, Barbara
CockatooPOEMUmans, Linda
Co-editor's NotesESSAYBanas, Kathy
Co-editor's NotesESSAYWaidtlow, Donna J
Coffee with the KingPOEMCross, Hannah Cook
ColdPOEMAllen, Aric
ColumbinaPOEMLantry, W.F.
Comfort Food POEMLoudon, Rebecca
Communications at SeaPOEMSchott, Penelope
ConcubinePOEMJohnson-Miller, Betsy
Confession with Interpolations by the Persian Poet RumiPOEMSchott, Penelope
Connecting The DotsPOEMKumin, Maxine
Cork Oak BendARTKrieg, Caroline
Cosmology CookingPOEMChapman, Robin
Costa VerdeARTCarter, Sharon
Could I Stay Alone for a MonthPOEMWeinberger, Florence
COUNTRY (excerpt)POEMStephenson, Shelby
CoupleARTRoss, Joan Stuart
CrabARTFeins, Roberta
Crenarchaeota (from The Other Kingdom)POEMBernholc, Alissa
Cretan Interlude: Lassithi PlateauPOEMOstriker, Alicia
Crossing Winter SnowPOEMSnyder, Laura
Crossings POEMSheffield, Derek
CrowPOEMKrumberger, John
Crows POEMLocke, Carolyn
Cup of Coffee POEMEllis, R. Virg
Curse for a Man I Traveled with...POEMHanahoe-Dosch, P.
Cute, Fast GirlPOEMLarkins, Amasa Guy
Cutting to ExistencePOEMVaknin, Sam
DancingARTMalnack, Linda
Dancing NudeARTDionne, Pamela Moore
Dark FlockPOEMBassen, L. S.
Days of ReckoningPOEMCrisafi, Rosemarie
Dead HeatARTDionne, Pamela Moore
Dear DiegoPOEMTodorovich, K. K.
dear,POEMLanzetta, Ali
December FloodPOEMDunkelberg, Kendall
Deco BirdARTFeins, Roberta
Deep with the First DeadPOEMHellen, Kathleen
Deer Isle WinterPOEMSheard, Norma
DeflectionPOEMNelson, Rodney
Déjà vu Travel AgencyPOEMHudspeth, Dory L.
Delightful Places to KissPOEMErickson, Susan
DelusionsPOEMSnyder, Laura
Denial of ServicePOEMBergmann, F.J.
Dependent Co-arisingPOEMSwint, Christine
DepressionPOEMDillon, Mike
DepressionPOEMLewis, Marilyn Mashburn
DescartesPOEMFuller, Casey
DescentARTRoss, Joan Stuart
Dialogue with a Dead BeaverPOEMSolonche, Joel
Diego RiveraARTLindley, Robin
Diminished ThingsPOEMDale, Kathleen
Dinner, Writing, with Frida KahloPOEMKervran, Joannie
Dinosaur MonumentPOEMNelson, Jo
Dipsomaniac SestinaPOEMDionne, Pamela Moore
Dispatches from a Distant WarPOEMGriffith, Kevin
Dissolution?POEMBarry, Janet
Distances: A Bumper-Car ExchangePOEMRoss, Cissy
Distances: A Bumper-Car ExchangePOEMSpacks, Barry
Distant stars overhand pile of rubbish…POEMLuman, Douglas
Does That White Seem Cold?POEMPotter, Carol
Dog Days 2POEMHirsch, Jr., Maurice L.
Dogs Playing PokerPOEMKlages, Jonathan
Doing Rounds Alone at Six AMPOEMStella, Jennifer
Don't Ask POEMKirsten-Martin, Diane
Donut POEMChristianson, Norah
Door/MouseARTMalnack, Linda
Doorway, Rock HouseArtWoods, Christopher
Double Magnolia POEMPereira, Peter
Double Talking PantoumPOEMHovey, Kate
DownturnPOEMGood, Howard
Dream HemorrhagePOEMPowers, Jennifer
drinking problemPOEMWinfield, Robert
Drinking Saved My LifePOEMRammelkamp, Charles
Driving Home From Mother's House POEMHelfgott, Esther Altshul
Drum Circle POEMGalasso, Scott
Duty FreeARTFrancis, David
Early SpringPOEMEvans, Mary Lynne
Easter Eggs in Buenos Aires POEMHealy, Lorraine
Eating Artichokes POEMSickels, Noelle
Editor's IntroductionESSAYMalnack, Linda
Editor's NotesEssayHarris, Jana
Editor's NotesESSAYHarris, Jana
Editor's NotesESSAYCantu, Chris
Editor's NotesESSAYHarris, Jana
Editor's NotesESSAYHarris, Jana
Editor's NotesESSAYHarris, Jana
Editor's NotesESSAYHarris, Jana
Editors' Notes - Poems of Place & DisplacementESSAYMalnack, Linda
Editor's Notes on the inception of SWITCHED-ON GUTENBERGESSAYHarris, Jana
Editor's Notes: Gardening in FormESSAYFeins, Roberta
Editor's Notes: Remembering BrieESSAYHarris, Jana
EggjasARTKrieg, Caroline
Eight BoatsARTRoss, Joan Stuart
Electra Poem 2POEMColeman, Allan Douglass
ElegyPOEMBaggett, Rebecca
Elegy for DarknessPOEMRoy, Sankar
Elegy For My Mother's BreastsPOEMSullivan, Thea
Elephant GirlARTFeins, Roberta
EmergencyPOEMTerris, Susan
Emergency SurgeryPOEMHarrod, Lois Marie
En ComienzoPOEMNelson, Jo
EnoughPOEMMacLennan, Amy
Entering into…ARTKatz, Arlene M.
EpiloguePOEMFiset, Joan
Equilibrium Of ThingsPOEMSchoene, Brownie
Eric at SixteenPOEMEvans, Mary Lynne
Eros: Thanatos POEMKipness, Mark
Erotic Fantasy POEMRice, Stan
ErrataPOEMPusateri, Chris
EscapePOEMMachan, Katharyn
Evening Fan IIARTRoss, Joan Stuart
Evening ScenePOEMVernon, Bill
Event POEMGlass, Jesse
Event ReportPOEMMcCarthy, Julianna
Everyone Is GonePOEMScarfone, Suzanne
Excerpt from VisitationOTHERHamilton, Kim
Excerpt from VisitationARTKrieg, Caroline
Exchange RatePOEMLawson, Valerie
Excuse NotesPOEMDonovan, Clive
Exercise #1POEMTaylor, Bruce
Eye See POEMWilliams, Gerald
EyesPOEMDaniels, Barbara
Fabric of a Kiss POEMJenks, Allison Eir
Face ValuePOEMWanner, Irene
Fahrenheit 451 Revisited POEMChaffin, C. E.
Faint Memory of a Monk Losing His Faith POEMSigler, Kristina
FaithPOEMSwenson, Pat
Fallen SunflowersARTPetrov, Nura
False PositiveARTFrancis, David
Family ValuesPOEMPalmer, Carl
Father's DayPOEMLindley, Robin
Fear Of SciencePOEMDay, Lucille Lang
Feast (The Body in Hunger)POEMCooper-Fratrik, Julie
Feast Day POEMFerraris, Fred
Field Guide POEMGurley, Jim
Fiesta POEMRammelkamp, Charles
Fifteen and FiftyPOEMRoedell, Kristin
Fifteen to EighteenPOEMOrtiz, Sergio
FigurativeLeaf POEMMcHugh, Heather
Fire CloudsARTMintz, Gwendolyn Joyce
Fish HeadsPOEMBarry, Janet
Fish in a BucketARTFeins, Roberta
FixPOEMPence, Amy
Flaubert’s Furniture ArrangementsPOEMScandiffio, JoAnna
FlickerPOEMKaushansky, Lauren
FlightARTFeins, Roberta
FloatingARTMalnack, Linda
Flying Featherless POEMDalton, Beth
Foolish Starts (Detail) 1985ArtHaber, Ira Joel
FootprintsARTCarter, Sharon
For I Consider my Walt a Cool CatPOEMSunde, Carol
For Those Who Have DiedPOEMChristina-Marie
Forest TextureARTFeins, Roberta
Forever and EverARTMalnack, Linda
Forget-me-notPOEMLukasik, Gail
Foster Care POEMLawry, Mercedes
Four CloudsPOEMFrith, Carol
Fragment Generator (Pocket Model)ARTFrancis, David
Freely Ye Have Received, Freely GivePOEMHardy, Nicole J.
FridaPOEMCederberg, Julie S.
Frida in DetroitPOEMMcFarland, John
Frida in Pain #1/Frida in Pain #3POEMLawry, Mercedes
Frida in Pain #3POEMLawry, Mercedes
Frida KahloARTLindley, Robin
Frida PracticesPOEMSnyder, Laura
Frida to DiegoPOEMHardy, Tara
Frida's PalettePOEMWanner, Irene
From a Town Near an OceanPOEMLindley, Robin
From My Grandfather's NotebooksPOEMCatone, Anna
Front PorchPOEMBarnes, Hilary
Frybread Trilogy POEMBishop, Wendy
FugueARTKrieg, Caroline
Fugue State POEMTerris, Susan
Full MoonPOEMCherry, Laura
Game DayPOEMCrooker, Barbara
Garden weaveARTFeins, Roberta
Generation POEMRadaikin, Norine
Getting Laid in Manhattan (Downtown)POEMKostelanetz, Richard
Ghetto Cemetery POEMMullen, Kay
Ghost Houses POEMCrew, Louie
Gimme Shelter Double Feature: Whiteout on the Tasman Saddle & Hurricane at HomePOEMDiGiorgio, Emari
Glimpsed from a Car, Quickly PassingPOEMOates, Joyce Carol
GloriaARTMead, Stephen
Glorios, The Marigold!POEMChristianson, Norah
GluePOEMWoodard, Deborah
Good DogPOEMCihlar, Lisa
Good FortunesPOEMWiggerman, Scott
Got Any New Tattoos?POEMGouveia, Joe
Gradual Improvement in SightPOEMCarter, Sharon
GravePOEMWhite, Mike
Grave DiggersPOEMCarter, Sharon
Gravel, MinePOEMClark, Rebecca
Greetings from the Dead Poets’ ConventionPOEMManwaring, Marjorie L.
GrowingPOEMBerry, Robert James
Growing Walla Walla SweetsPOEMTodorovich, K. K.
Gulf War SyndromePOEMPerice, Glen A.
GutenbergARTLindley, Robin
GutenbergARTMalnack, Linda
GutenbergARTLindley, Robin
Habitat EnrichmentARTFrancis, David
HandARTMalnack, Linda
Handball ElderPOEMWerstein, Ed
Hand-Built City ScenePOEMGrimes, Sophie S.
He asked while datingPOEMBriskin, Eli
Head XIARTRoss, Joan Stuart
Heaven and EarthARTKrieg, Caroline
Heaven and Earth IARTRoss, Joan Stuart
HelianthusARTKrieg, Caroline
HinduPOEMMalaviya, Shikha
History of a NationPOEMRoy, Sankar
Hollywood GoodwillPOEMAlynn, Jane
Holy Week in the MojavePOEMPatton, Lee
Home, Forest, CosmosArtFisher, Bob
HomesickPOEMSchroeder, Amy
HoneysucklePOEMSkeens, Rufus
Horror FilmPOEMRenfrow, Millie
HorsePOEMBellamy, C.A.
Horse LatitudesPOEMSpaulding-Convy, Annette
Horse RuminatesPOEMClark, Rebecca
HorsesARTFeins, Roberta
Hotel Room, 1931POEMBaugher, Janee J.
House FirePOEMAusten, Elizabeth
HousecallPOEMGinsberg, Arthur
Household Magic POEMMitchell, Felicia
Houston HaikuPOEMPhillips, Robert
How Great Thou ArtPOEMSydow, Bruce
How I Found And Lost ParadisePOEMTurner, Priscilla
How Many Syllables Are There in Leotard? A Report from the Poetry FrontierESSAYMarshall, John W.
How Poetry BeganPOEMKraman, Cynthia
How she Knows a Good Day Before She sees OnePOEMDerr, Mary Krane
HT UnwrapARTKrieg, Caroline
HumanPOEMScholl, Sharon
Hunger POEMField, Susan
Hunger POEMTaylor, Alessandra
Hypnogagic LovePOEMWaldstein, Gail
Mother to Daughter/II. Daughter to MotherPOEMWalsh-Boyd, Liz
MDaughter to MotherPOEMWalsh-Boyd, Liz
I Almost Pmpetted SymbolismPOEMColon, Esteban
I am Still a LakeARTRoss, Joan Stuart
I RaspitunatePOEMTaylor, Thomas Lowe
I want to Tell YouPOEMAllen, Aric
I, Michelangelo, Sculptor in RomePOEMHuff, Quentin
Ibex in Judean DesertARTSharon, Reva
IdlingPOEMThacker, Larry D.
If the Girl Behind the Counterat the Subway Sandwich Shop Ran the WorldPOEMAlexander, David
If Wordsworth Were Alive TodayPOEMRogow, Zack
Imagining RotaPOEMBauer, Brandy
ImmortalityPOEMSellman, Tamara Kaye
ImmunityPOEMAllen, Aric
Impossible ThingsPOEMBarksdale, Jessica
In Concert with YearningPOEMLawry, Mercedes
In CordobaPOEMCooper-Fratrik, Julie
In Johanna's Corner POEMMiller, Kevin
In PlaceARTDrumhann, Tray
In the 25th Year of My Grandmother's Death POEMStraus, Marc J.
In the Dark POEMEvans, Mary Lynne
In the Luck FactoryPOEMSchein, Lorraine S
In the PinkPOEMLord, Ted
In the Youth of SwedenborgPOEMShortt, Dave
In This City of HermitsPOEMLord, Frederick
In Time POEMLord, Ted
In Your Global Warming DreamPOEMO’Mara, Michael Mackin
IncantationsPOEMStamatakis, Matina
IncrementsPOEMLenox, Kelly
Index: Kahlo, FridaPOEMWalsh-Boyd, Liz
InferencePOEMTalley, Mary Ellen
Inkspots and Assorted PatternsPOEMSutherland, David
Inland EmpirePOEMLindley, Robin
InnardsPOEMLydick, Kelly
Inside Out POEMPlatt, John
Insomniac DoggerelPOEMAusten, Elizabeth
Installing Screens, Everywhere POEMKaushansky, Lauren
InsurancePOEMWiggerman, Scott
Introduction – No Escape ClausePOEMLoSchiavo, LindaAnn
Ionic BondsPOEMde Koninck, Jessica G.
Iowa, From Montana POEMGarson, Karl
Is That a Short-Tailed Albatross Around Your NeckPOEMJaffe, Fredda
Issue Introduction: Why I Can't/Didn't Come to Your Poetry ReadingESSAYHarris, Jana
It all beganPOEMHowells, Ann
It's 1968POEMVan Zant, Frank
JacobPOEMTanoury, Doug
Jet LagPOEMErickson, Susan J.
JinPOEMTodorovich, K. K.
Journey to YelapaPOEMLewis, Marilyn Mashburn
Juanita from ModestoPOEMFike, Rupert
Just Another Over-Easy Two-Step Sizzle POEMScott, Jenny
Kahlo/Rivera WebliographyOTHERFeins, Roberta
KanellosPOEMRouskas, Basil
KatabasisPOEMBergmann, F.J.
KharakterARTKrieg, Caroline
Kirlian EffectPOEMLamothe, Lori
Know ThyselfPOEMDaley, Michael
Knowledge of the Elements POEMSerkes, Scott Reid
Kobe POEMGalasso, Scott
La FranceARTRoss, Joan Stuart
La Jolla de MismaloyaPOEMSkillman, Judith
La Mer des SargassesPOEMCauchy, Heather
LacunaeARTKrieg, Caroline
Landlocked People Often Dream the Sea POEMLindley, Robin
Lapin KultaPOEMStarkey, David
Las Dos FridasPOEMEvans, Mary Lynne
Last Attempt to Heal Catherine MoranPOEMMiller, Kevin
Last ColorsPOEMNewman, Mark
Last May in UmbriaPOEMKelly, Carol
Last WeekPOEMRatner, Rochelle
LatePOEMFeins, Roberta
Late in the SeasonPOEMReichard, William
Leah Speaks POEMBramkamp, Maura Alia
Learning a new LanguagePOEMCarter, Sharon
LedaARTMalnack, Linda
Legless Zen Master POEMHess, Errol
Leon TrotskyARTLindley, Robin
Letter from the EditorsESSAYBaugher, Janee J.
Letter to God #1POEMRapant, Larry
Letter to God #2POEMRapant, Larry
Letter to Myself, Bahia Des Los MuertesPOEMMunro, Peter
Letter To Your SeratoninPOEMLord, Ted
Liberty Had Che Guevara in a HeadlockPOEMWolfe, J. Kevin
Library BooksPOEMLawry, Mercedes
LifelineARTRoss, Joan Stuart
Lift CoefficientARTMalnack, Linda
Light Pole CloudsARTLefer, Diane
Lights Out on Lonely StreetPOEMBaker, Kim
Liselotte's Favor and GracePOEMZeppa, Mary
Lit examPOEMPilgrim, Timothy
Little Peach IARTRoss, Joan Stuart
Little Peach IIARTRoss, Joan Stuart
Live or DieARTMalnack, Linda
Living Things POEMSwenson, Pat
Living with RatfinderPOEMLevine, Judith Katz
LizardARTFeins, Roberta
Logan Circle, Washington, D.C.POEMBauer, Brandy
Lone EgretPOEMRuiz, Cathy
LoopARTRoss, Joan Stuart
Losing It After The Shooting POEMEvans, Mary Lynne
Lost VirginityPOEMMoore, George
LotteryPOEMHaidri, Rasma
Love as a Study of Energy and MatterPOEMBaugher, Janee J.
Love Poem for MPOEMCain, Letitia
Love Poem with EyebrowPOEMRasnake, Sam
Lowku POEMRapant, Larry
Lucky HandsPOEMGoodwin, Norm
Made for Television POEMTisdale, James
Maggots POEMLynn, Joanne Barrie
MagicPOEMJackson, James Croal
Mama's Gumbo POEMRoy, Jude
MapPOEMClark, Rebecca
Map (back)ARTMalnack, Linda
Map (front)ARTMalnack, Linda
Map IARTRoss, Joan Stuart
Map/FirenzeARTRoss, Joan Stuart
Map/Firenze IIARTRoss, Joan Stuart
Map/RomaARTRoss, Joan Stuart
MappingPOEMRickett, S.W.
Mapping the Human GenomePOEMGray, Patricia
March Morning Recalling Masan, South KoreaPOEMWalsh, Brendan
Marine CollageARTFeins, Roberta
Markmandsgade 21, Kobenhavn SPOEMReimer, Jennifer
Mask & Sea II ARTRoss, Joan Stuart
Mathematical OrderARTDeeds, Kip
Mavka #29POEMThornlyre, Padma
May FirstPOEMOstriker, Alicia
Maybe in My Neighbor's HousePOEMOrtiz, Lisa
Meatloaf Night at GracelandPOEMKim, Arlene
MedicatedPOEMHopper-Estrada, Miki
Meditation InstructionsPOEMPollack, Sylvia Byrne
Memory ShuttersARTFrancis, David
Mercator ProjectionPOEMGinsberg, Arthur
Message to the Person in ChargePOEMKatz, Brian
MetacognitionPOEMOrr, Cyan
Middle AgePOEMLewis, Marilyn Mashburn
MigrationPOEMOwens, James
Military Issue: Boot, rough-out combat, tanPOEMJohnson, Tami M.
Mirror TimePOEMKleinberg, J.I.
Missed ApproachPOEMFulsaas, Linda
Mister Body and Miss CommunicationPOEMAthey, David
Mistress Melody Brown, 1898POEMTerris, Susan
MobilityPOEMSeverance, Emily
Moderation POEMAaron, Peter
Monet's Low Tide at VarengevillePOEMTerry, Mary McMillan
Moonset, Sunrise 2ARTKatz, Arlene M.
MoonshadowsPOEMLappen, Alyssa
Morning AfterPOEMKrupitsky, Naomi
MortalityPOEMKaufman, Shirley
Mostly CloudyPOEMBarry, Janet
Mother and Father POEMLebentritt, Julia Soto
Mother and FatherARTSoto, Armando
Mrs. Houdini, 1919POEMCavanaugh, Sylvia
Music for the Art of MagicPOEMShelleda, Leah
mussels and mangoes POEMManwaring, Marjorie L.
Mussolini at the Buitoni Baci FactoryPOEMCarter, Sharon
My Cathedral POEMBertolino, James
My College Education POEMDerr, Mary Krane
My Father's HousePOEMPowell, Joseph
My Father's Tzimmes, 1956POEMHelfgott, Esther Altshul
My Life at the MoviesPOEMShapiro, Lynne
My Night with Federico Garcia Lorca POEMManrique, Jaime
My Parents Meet at La Grande PlacePOEMLipkin, Elline
Near Rattlesnake IslandARTCarr, Fern G. Z.
Near the AlgonquinPOEMNewman, Mark
Neighbor complains snorer violates city noise ordinancePOEMRatner, Rochelle
Nell UnveiledPOEMClark, Rebecca
NestsARTFeins, Roberta
Net Surfing 2:00 A.M. (Audio) POEMMackey, Mary
Night DogsPOEMBurnett, Charlene Logan
Night visitorPOEMGarland, Rosie
No ExitARTCarter, Sharon
No Ordinary Sleep POEMMullen, Kay
Norma Jeane: The Deer POEMSwift, Joan
NostalgiaPOEMOates, Joyce Carol
Not All Our Excuses Come to LightPOEMHarrod, Lois Marie
Not FogPOEMKeyes, Claire
NOTES on Place and Displacement: : The Other AmericaESSAYHarris, Jana
NudibranchARTPearson, Mary
NudibranchARTPearson, Mary
NudibranchARTPearson, Mary
NudibranchARTPearson, Mary
NudibranchARTPearson, Mary
NudibranchARTPearson, Mary
NudibranchARTPearson, Mary
NudibranchARTPearson, Mary
NudibranchARTPearson, Mary
NudibranchARTPearson, Mary
NudibranchARTPearson, Mary
NudibranchARTPearson, Mary
NudibranchARTPearson, Mary
NudibranchesARTPearson, Mary
OctoberPOEMJuneau, Jennifer
Ode To A Madrona TreePOEMGoodwin, Norm
Ode to a Yellow Fire HydrantPOEMLebentritt, Julia Soto
Ode to a Yellow Fire HydrantARTSoto, Armando
Ode to HandsPOEMErickson, Susan J.
Ode to Range Cows - 2nd movement POEMSnyder, Laura
Ode to the Extinguished SelfPOEMPence, Amy
Off the Road POEMBenedict, Kate Bernardette
Olive BranchPOEMTravelstead, Jonathan
Omeyoti: divine dualityPOEMLee, Mary Hope Whitehead
Ominous RedARTHuffman, A.J.
On the Beach IARTRoss, Joan Stuart
On the Midwest PoetPOEMFuller, Casey
On the Surface, FlashingNOTEWhite, Alexis
On This Day Of Protest, I Want to Take to My BedPOEMRoyce, Lindsey
Orgasmic OrangePOEMLadd, Mary
OriginPOEMMilburn, Lloyd
Origins POEMLarkin, Joan
Outer SpacePOEMWhite, Mike
Outside Is as Usual POEMBentley, Sean
Overbearing by the BayPOEMGorski, John
OverboardPOEMManley, C.R.
Pac-Man?s New NosePOEMCanipe, Josh
PalimpsestPOEMHaidri, Rasma
Pangs of ArtPOEMTodorovich, K. K.
PanicPOEMNelson, Kathy
Paper DollARTFeins, Roberta
ParadigmARTMalnack, Linda
ParasiticPOEMStamatakis, Matina
Paris, TennesseePOEMGraber, Michael
Part of You POEMWilson, Alicia
Passing InterestPOEMMiltner, Rober
Paying DuesPOEMLord, Ted
Peace for All Living Things on EarthPOEMMeyers, Linda
PebblesPOEMEvans, Mary Lynne
PelonaPOEMRogers, Brando J.
Penguin NightARTFeins, Roberta
PerturbationARTMalnack, Linda
Pet ExcusesPOEMMazza, Joan
Peter RabbitPOEMShovan, Laura
PhantasiestuckPOEMNelson, Jo
Phases of the Seven MoonsPOEMTalley, Mary Ellen
PhilomelARTKrieg, Caroline
PhosphorousPOEMMaiers, Joan
PhotoARTLamm, Sarah B.
PhotoARTJohnson, Michael Lee
PhotoARTLandis, Geoffrey A.
Leon TrotskyARTLuciana, James
PhotoARTHaber, Ira Joel
PhotoARTJohnson, Michael Lee
PhotoARTLuciana, James
Photo #2ARTBecherer, Lori
Photo #3ARTBecherer, Lori
Photo #4ARTBecherer, Lori
Photo Of My Father At TwelvePOEMRoyce, Lindsey
Physics Exam Answer SheetPOEMMonaghan, Patricia
Picture PostcardPOEMPappas, Theresa
Pictures taken on 7 Mile Bridge 2ARTNightingale, Barbra
Piece of WorkPOEMFeins, Roberta
Pieds a TerrePOEMBramkamp, Maura Alia
Pine, ArizonaPOEMLydick, Kelly
PioneerARTMalnack, Linda
Place of My BirthARTClarke, Caroline
Place of My Birth POEMGinsberg, Arthur
Planning for My Praise PoemPOEMBurns, John
Plato's Cave prototypeARTFrancis, David
Please Can We Talk About Rain?POEMClear, T.
PoemPOEMBarclay, Paul
Poem Beginning with the Ending and Ending with the BeginningPOEMHunley, Tom C.
Poem While the Market CrashesPOEMMoore, George
Poetry as Life-Saver and I don't mean Candy: Report from the Poetry FrontierESSAYMarshall, John W.
Poetry Ball SwingARTblatt, Jeffrey
Poetry Ball SwingARTConroy, Maureen
Polar RegionsPOEMMoss, Catherine
Poles ApartPOEMLawry, Mercedes
PortraitPOEMKessler, Ruth
Portrait of Paolo POEMZimetwatch, Kristin Camitta
Position Paper POEMSpacks, Barry
Postcard from Taos, New MexicoPOEMScism, Elizabeth
Postcard from the Scenic CaféPOEMRinger, Darby
PragueARTMalnack, Linda
Prague’s ChildrenPOEMWoodworth, Anne Harding
Prayer of The SowPOEMPlotkin, Bruce
Precise DistortionsPOEMFein, Richard
Preparing WinePOEMRajendran, Aja
PresentPOEMRanzoni, Patricia
Pressure DropARTDrumhann, Tray
Prince of Darkness POEMRoss, Joan Stuart
Private RoomPOEMLindley, Robin
ProgressPOEMDiGiorgio, Emari
Protocol Amendment #1POEMHamilton, Susan E.
Psyche in LovePOEMAshton, Sally
Puberty, 1895POEMBaugher, Janee J.
Pulsar, Pulsare ARTRoss, Joan Stuart
Putting on a Cardigan at MidnightPOEMPrewitt, Chris
Quadrants of the BodyPOEMCihlar, James
QueridoARTKrieg, Caroline
Quick FireARTKrieg, Caroline
QuincePOEMCantu, Chris
R.M. POEMBlader, Bonnie
Rain ForestARTCarter, Sharon
Rainbow ObsidianPOEMCumming, Kathryn
Rainbow Over New BrunswickPOEMKraman, Cynthia
RainmakerPOEMGoldberg, Kim
RaynaudPOEMClark, Antonia
Ready . . . Set . . . Go POEMPorad, Francine
Ready . . . Set . . . Go POEMDubois, Jean
Rearview MirrorPOEMCantu, Chris
Recipe for a Good Life POEMCohn, Lynne Meredith
RecoilPOEMFrancis, David
Red CabinPOEMGrossman, Andrew
Red HillARTRoss, Joan Stuart
Red-tailed HawkPOEMSnyder, Laura
Reflecting on "What The Water Gave Me"POEMChaney, Gayla
Releasing a BirdPOEMHalperin, Mark
Remedy for Sorrow I, II, & III POEMWalsh-Boyd, Liz
Remember the IncrediblePOEMSheffield, Derek
Renaissance GirlARTMalnack, Linda
Repetition Is A Kind Of Rhyme POEMMalnack, Linda
Reporting Live from PortmanteaupiaPOEMPotter, Adrian S.
Requiem in BluePOEMMcDonough, J.L.
ResonancePOEMBrown, Donna Mae
RetirementPOEMNorris, Lisa
Revised Penal LawPOEMPhillips, Louis
Rhubarb Baby POEMBraden, Allen
Right Here, Under the Milky Way POEMDavis, Peg
River IARTRoss, Joan Stuart
Rivera's Age of Industry, Detroit, 1932POEMLindley, Robin
RiverMapPOEMAllan, Kelly Lenox
RomancePOEMAnderson, Holly
Rooms We Didn't Live In POEMKlein, Michael
Roots and Rot POEMGraham, Taylor
Rough NightPOEMPutnam, Claudia
Roxbury, 1956POEMMachan, Katharyn
RubiconPOEMWoodward, David
Sacramento morningPOEMvan Stelten, Rosalee
SacrificePOEMRoberts, Kim
Sadie's ShardsPOEMTuch, Gail
SafetyPOEMYoung, Melissa Scholes
Saint Francis And The SowPOEMKinnell, Galway
Salem POEMLewis, Marilyn Mashburn
Saying the NecessaryPOEMHarkness, Ed
Sea SquirtARTPearson, Mary
Sea SquirtARTPearson, Mary
Second Bull RunPOEMHarkness, Ed
Second-Generation Hypertext in "A Life Set for Two" (Review)OTHERFranking, Ph.D., H. M.
See How Sky FallsPOEMNeuberg, Karen
SeerPOEMNelson, Jo
Self-portraitPOEMMcFarland, Gerry
Self-portrait Boston, 1994POEMMorrison, Kathi
Self-portrait Very AngryPOEMMullen, Kay
Selkirk skies 2ARTMead, Stephen
Sensory System of NavigationPOEMTerris, Susan
Sequence, Experiments POEMYeasting, J. E.
Seven-Year EtchingsPOEMMaiers, Joan
She had all the answersPOEMKerlikowske, Elizabeth
She spoke ofPOEMSwartz, Stephen
Shell MudraPOEMFeins, Roberta
Shipwrecked on the North Atlantic - The First of February, 1826 POEMEngler, Robert Klein
ShorthornsPOEMBalk, Christianne
Sic Transit: Bag Lady BluesPOEMGage, Diane
SignARTRoss, Joan Stuart
Sign HereARTMalnack, Linda
SignsPOEMKeefe, Priya
Simon Rodia Builds the East Tower of Nuestro Puebloto Honor His Brother Killed in a Mine ExplosionPOEMWoolfitt, William Kelly
Singing Bird WomanPOEMLynn, Joanne Barrie
Sixty-FivePOEMCrooker, Barbara
Sky Burial POEMSlaughter, William
SleepPOEMBoudreaux, Beau
SleepwalkingPOEMTanoury, Doug
Sliced MoonPOEMGaskin, D.J.
Slime Molds (Myxomycota) from The Other KingdomPOEMBernholc, Alissa
Slimming without Pills POEMMurphy, Brian
SlippingPOEMReichard, William
Slow GrowthPOEMAnderson, John
Smile On A SkullPOEMMarshall, Jack
Snow Geese POEMBalk, Christianne
Snow TheoryARTMalnack, Linda
Sober POEMLawry, Mercedes
SoCal ExcusePOEMGage, Diane
Soft CoralARTPearson, Mary
Soft CoralARTPearson, Mary
Softly from the BrickPOEMFrith, Carol
Sognfjord (Detail)ARTRoss, Joan Stuart
Soldier,Peasant and WorkerPOEMStoller, Neca
Some GuyPOEMLawry, Mercedes
Some Things About the BodyPOEMDancing Bear, J.P.
Sona's SonPOEMMankerian, Shahe
Sonora POEMCohlene, Terri
SophrosyneARTKrieg, Caroline
Soul on Stones IVARTRoss, Joan Stuart
SoundingsPOEMLance, Jeanne
SoundingsARTFeins, Roberta
SpinPOEMScandiffio, JoAnna
Split CedarPOEMRedman, Nina
St. Anthony Preaching to the FishPOEMRoberts, Kim
StalemateARTCarter, Sharon
Stars Begin With CollapsePOEMLindley, Robin
Status ReportPOEMRolland, Rebecca Givens
Staved LucidityPOEMLagier, Jennifer
Stepping Out of the FramePOEMChapman, Robin
sthira sukha asanamPOEMSchardt, Megan
Still in Madagascar after ChemotherapyPOEMSnyder, Laura
Stone. Stone. MemoryPOEMMerrifield, Karla Linn
Stork ClubARTFeins, Roberta
Storm SurgePOEMAllan, Kelly Lenox
Strike: Variations on Ten WordsPOEMWiggerman, Scott
Studying Wu Wei, Muir beachPOEMHirshfield, Jane
Such a Way to Go POEMSilano, Martha
Such RedsPOEMLawry, Mercedes
Suicidal IdeationPOEMDerr, Mary Krane
Sun & MoonARTFeins, Roberta
Sunday Paper POEMRocco, Richard
Sunflowers POEMDuncan, Eileen Walsh
Sunken TreasureARTMalnack, Linda
Sunlight Through AlderARTDionne, Pamela Moore
Sunrise at Sea (Cape Disappointment)ARTFrancis, David
Sunset HorseARTLaMorticella, Barbara
Super Spar POEMStarkey, David
Surf ClamPOEMOberkher, Charles H.
SurfacingPOEMHamilton, Kim
TableauPOEMAnderson, Holly
Take 23 POEMHamm, Christine
Taking Davey?s PulsePOEMArcana, Judith
Taking My MeasurePOEMHighland, Jennifer
Tapping at the Hollywood BarPOEMBramkamp, Maura Alia
Taste POEMParker, Mary Elizabeth
Taste the Heart of Darkness POEMKeener, William
Tasty Fries POEMColeman, Allan Douglass
Tender Lift of Lint POEMRoss, Joan Stuart
Tentacled MotherfuckerPOEMWhite, Mike
TestPOEMBurke, Tara Shea
Text Box #23ARTFrancis, David
Text machine with hand crank and drawerARTFrancis, David
Texta, TextaeARTRoss, Joan Stuart
TextualPOEMIgloria, Luisa A
Thank-you NotesPOEMTisdale, James Oliver
That Hunger POEMLopez, Cristina
The Dog Ate Our htmlPOEMKennedy, Kit
The Rapist JustifiesPOEMPanicker, Vidya S.
The Reason I Let Him InPOEMCollin, Sharyl
The 73 Octaves of NaturePOEMGurley, Jim
The Absinthe ParlorPOEMCrandall, Jeff
The Accountant Gets DressedPOEMGermain, Shanna
The Anger of Anne FrankPOEMHostovsky, Paul
The Apple EaterPOEMMeyers, Linda Curtis
The Art of OppressionPOEMWebb, Robert
The Audible SuburbsPOEMLewis, Joel
The Avocado and the MagpiePOEMCoonfield, Gordon
The Beheading of John the BaptistPOEMTodorovich, K. K.
The birds of the morning sing because they mustPOEMBarry, Janet
The BlanketPOEMOdam, Joyce
The Body Makes NoisePOEMTurner, Ken
The Book Of My HeartPOEMField, Edward
The Bread of AfflictionPOEMGinsberg, Arthur
The Breakfast NookPOEMMackey, Mary
The Bride Frightened at Seeing Life OpenPOEMWaidtlow, Donna J
The Bull and the AngelPOEMMunoz, Charles
The BusPOEMFrankston, Jay
The ButcheringPOEMBraden, Allen
The Card You Kept DrawingPOEMHunley, Tom C.
The Chief Of MedicinePOEMGinsberg, Arthur
The Childhood of a Future WriterPOEMKnapmiller, Nikol
The Children Are GonePOEMHarrod, Lois Marie
The City-Girl Learns About MeatPOEMWaidtlow, Donna J
The Cock ring at the airport...POEMLord, Ted
The Convening of GardenersPOEMBanas, Kathy
The CoveARTMalnack, Linda
The CraftPOEMBerry, Robert James
The Cruelest MonthPOEMWagner, Jeanne
The Dangerous OnePOEMMyhr, Elizabeth
The Dead Shoplifter: A Report From the Poetry FrontierESSAYMarshall, John W.
The DeepsPOEMSkillman, Judith
The Dinner PartyPOEMMersereau, Susan
The DissolutionPOEMWright, Leilani
The DoublePOEMEsch, James
The Earth Writes a Poem While We WatchPOEMPacosz, Christina
The EndPOEMLance, Jeanne
The Epic of Morley SaferPOEMCihlar, James
The Fall LinePOEMMustin, Bob
The Falling ManPOEMWagner, Jeanne
The Farther Away You Are, The Smaller You'll Appear (lb -36)POEMSchulak, Nikki
The FirePOEMFagley, Kathleen
The fireplace beat life into the housePOEMBrumirski, Dennis
The Frida ShirtPOEMBrandeis, Gayle
The Gambler's DaughterPOEMDay, Lucille Lang
The Greatest MindsPOEMStamatakis, Matina
The Hardest ThingPOEMHarris, Jana
The Heart WantsARTCarter, Sharon
The HillPOEMLawry, Mercedes
The Hitler SpringPOEMGioseffi, Daniela
The House's WifePOEMHanninen, Eve Anthony
The HunterPOEMAble, Ryan
The ImposterPOEMSpeck-Lesh, Scott
The Inertia of a Body Depends Upon Its Energy-ContentPOEMMalnack, Linda
The InstructionsPOEMBertolino, James
The InterrogationPOEMCasey, Crysta
The Invention of TimePOEMWaidtlow, Donna J
The Iron StovePOEMDaniels, Barbara
The Joys of NoshingPOEMLandsman, Peggy
The King of VegetablesPOEMGinsberg, Arthur
The KitchenPOEMSheehan, Marc
The Kolgorov ManifestPOEMAnnwn, David
The Liberation of MadnessPOEMLagier, Jennifer
The Little Matchgirl, RevisitedPOEMGertler, Pesha Joyce
The Lord Is My Shepherd I Shall Not WantPOEMOates, Joyce Carol
The Mailman And The MasterPOEMWalsh-Boyd, Liz
The Man WhoPOEMLynn, Joanne Barrie
The Meteorologist's BreastsPOEMHostovsky, Paul
The Mind The BrainPOEMIvy, Zane
The Miqva in Besalu, SpainPOEMWilliams, Dorothy J.
The Muscles Of The FacePOEMKelly, Timothy
The New American Poetry: Cento For Donald AllenPOEMBauer, Grace
The night I went fishing with Joe Davis from the Institute of TechnologyPOEMEvans, Mary Lynne
The North American Spotted Weather TrollPOEMPoyner, Ken
The Old HandPOEMRoot, William Pitt
The Old HousePOEMBenedict, Kate Bernardette
The Old Woman and the Gray CatPOEMUdall, Jay
The Old Woman and the RiverPOEMOstriker, Alicia
The poet sees the collage artist and thinks of Shakespeare's workPOEMArcana, Judith
The Poetics of Space: Intimate ImmensitiesESSAYMalnack, Linda
The Power of MapsPOEMMcDonough, Mike
The PricePOEMSkeens, Rufus
The PrintshopARTClarke, Caroline
The PrintshopPOEMGinsberg, Arthur
The PromotionPOEMPiercy, Marge
The Question was Where have you been?POEMSnow, Jan C.
The Rabbis DebatePOEMNathan, Doug
The Rain in FlandersPOEMDunkelberg, Kendall
The RegularsPOEMPuhak, Shelley
The Reign Of KaiPOEMLittlefield, Susan
The RoostPOEMUmans, Linda
The Science of BeginningPOEMAgodon, Kelli Russell
The Seductiveness of the Memory HolePOEMRandall, Jessy
The Semi-Haiku of FridamaniaPOEMWalsh-Boyd, Liz
The shrubs resembled pale companions…POEMLuman, Douglas
The Sound of Your Mother ChewingPOEMTerris, Susan
The Stock Market Loses FluidityPOEMCrooker, Barbara
The StrawberryPOEMBriccetti, Kathy
The Structure of DorritPOEMGoodland, Giles
The Table of LossesPOEMSilano, Martha
The Tao Te DoughnutPOEMStifler, Bill
The Tenderized KingdomPOEMFiero, Anne
The Trinal Triplicities of Which Spenser TalksPOEMHoward-Hobson, Juleigh
The Unfound DoorPOEMSweet, M. Anne
The View from NovemberPOEMFisher, Paul
The WakefulPOEMSeter, Dave
The Way Words TastePOEMBacharach, Deborah
The Weather LettersPOEMClarkson, Joanne M.
The Wild Turkey GangPOEMBrand, Gabriella
The World in Four PartitionsARTFrancis, David
The ory of Relatives (after Einstein)POEMColeman, Allan Douglass
These heavy bodies our machines,POEMSailer, Susan
ThirstPOEMSkillman, Judith
Thirty-three Days of RainPOEMBanks, Lea
This Is Not A Poem For YouPOEMBolden, Emma
This is the Kind of MoonPOEMLier, Sara
This Year's Christmas Cake POEMTyack, S. Alice
This Year's ModelPOEMMead, Stephen
Till Human Voices Wake Us, and We DrownPOEMBroadhead, Heidi
Time Lapse: Mazama WashingtonARTRoss, William
Time PiecesPOEMWhite, Mike
Time's DrawstringPOEMDorman, Dan
Title Page Photograph (Gutenberg Café‚)ARTKubik, Victor
To FridaPOEMSpiers, Ann
To Frida KahloPOEMPlatt, John L.
Tom's Peace (Detail) 1988ArtHaber, Ira Joel
Too Many, Too FewPOEMLantz, Nicolas
Tracing the Face of the WorldPOEMChaney, Gayla
TransparencyPOEMFrancis, David
Transportation Is Necessary to Experience the First HarvestPOEMGillman, Joel
Tree NestArtWoods, Christopher
Tristram's GracklesARTSharon, Reva
TucanoARTKrieg, Caroline
Two Views of Mt FujiPOEMGorski, John
U.S. MapPOEMFeins, Roberta
Ultrasound (II)POEMKiefer, Molly Sutton
Unbidden POEMBeeson, Kelley
Under DarknessPOEMStangeland, Joannie
Under the Trees POEMChristianson, Norah
Unfinished SympathyPOEMMcCarthy, Julianna
UnpluggedPOEMMersereau, Susan
UnspokenPOEMCavanaugh, Sylvia
UntitledARTLockie, Ellaraine
UntitledARTLandis, Geoffrey A.
Unto DustPOEMLawry, Mercedes
Urban Spring POEMWestley, Judith
used car lot signPOEMPope, Geoff
Vapor TrailPOEMBett, Stephen
Variation On An Old ThemePOEMO'Brien, Elizabeth
Velvet Elvis?s Temple of DoomPOEMCatlin, Alan
Vertical CloudARTPfingston, Roger
ViburnumPOEMFrith, Carol
VictorianaARTMalnack, Linda
VincentPOEMMead, Stephen
VoicePOEMMoore, Julie L.
Waco, 1993POEMEvans, John
Waiting for the Free Play in the ParkPOEMFuller, Casey
Wall Map Diptych (left panel)ARTRoss, Joan Stuart
WallpaperARTFeins, Roberta
Walls Become Doors POEMGreer, Joseph
War, Pestilence, Famine and Bad HairPOEMFeins, Roberta
Warming SonnetPOEMHatfield, Brad
WarriorARTMalnack, Linda
Watching the River Flow POEMLietz, Robert
Watching the WheelsARTDrumhann, Tray
Water and WoodARTRoss, Joan Stuart
Water StreetPOEMLewis, Issa
Waterfall POEMBauer, Erika
WaterslainPOEMAnderson, Khadija
WavesPOEMTerris, Virginia
We Have Traveled HerePOEMZawinski, Andrena
We the PeoplePOEMMcCabe, Marilyn
We Who MovePOEMAnderson, Chris
WeatherboyPOEMSiebers, Jill
Weave 1ARTMalnack, Linda
Weave 2ARTMalnack, Linda
Weave 3ARTMalnack, Linda
Weave 4ARTMalnack, Linda
what a woman wants POEMTrommer, Rosemerry Wahtola
What He Wouldn't Be Thinking AboutPOEMSangster, John
What I'm Doing HerePOEMCantu, Chris
What it Feels LikePOEMTurner, Alison
What Milliner Bedecks the Maple?POEMThomas, Barbara L
What's The Point?POEMPhillips, Robert
WheelARTRoss, Joan Stuart
When I Get Turned Down for the Job of PoetPOEMO'Brien, Elizabeth
when I was a child, I prayed nightlyPOEMSailer, Susan
When I was Thin POEMBramkamp, Maura Alia
When is it luck? When is it accident?POEMLawry, Mercedes
Where I Come From--POEMWozek, Gerald
While Butch Robs TrainsPOEMPutnam, Claudia
While We Picked out Paint ChipsPOEMStangeland, Joannie
While You Were OutPOEMMarcus, Martin
Whirling Dervishes II POEMGoedicke, Patricia
Whitby 617ArtBurke, Helen
White PoemARTRoss, Joan Stuart
White Poem (detail)ARTRoss, Joan Stuart
White SpacesPOEMArra, Catherine
Why Horses Sleep Standing UpPOEMMitchell, Nora
Why I Can't Be TherePOEMMazza, Joan
Why We Hike to the Duck MarshPOEMHarkness, Ed
Wigwam AvePOEMCampiglio, Stephen
Wild CherriesPOEMHellen, Kathleen
WindflowersARTSharon, Reva
WindowsPOEMMannone, John C.
Wing/Leaf/TreeARTRoss, Joan Stuart
Winter Palace, St. PetersburgPOEMStone, Carole
Winter Retreat II and IIIPOEMPetty, Ood
Winter Retreat II and IIIPOEMPetty, Ood
Winter Vacation, Galena 1996POEMBoyer, Margot
Within/WithoutPOEMDeCarteret, Mark
Without the Rain's Taut Blue SkinPOEMGreenmun, Linda
Witness to History POEMSchoene, Brownie
Wonder Cabinet from “Shard” Exhibit at the Center for Contemporary Art, SeattleARTFrancis, David
Wonder Cabinet from 'Shard' Exhibit at_x000d_
Center on Contemporary Art, Seattlele
ARTFrancis, David
Word BoatARTRoss, Joan Stuart
words just waiting POEMHuggins, Larry
World TravelerPOEMMilosevic, Mario
Writing JournalPOEMKennedy, Jane
XochitlPOEMGalasso, Scott
You Are HerePOEMHuotari, Robert
You Sit Down to WritePOEMBull, Catherine
Your Guardian AngelPOEMAaron, Peter
Your mother imagines that you talk to herPOEMJessup, Rebecca
Zen, she saysPOEMZeppa, Mary
Zoe, LeavingPOEMSlaton, Catherine Sutthoff