The Greatest Minds

by Matina Stamatakis

let us reshape what is    impervious    to make thorough by water-
thrust ── so the pitter-patter    in all this heart-blush    arteries swiftened with
blood   & reshape the shrunken marrow    thus blossoming   organelles within it
& not forget ours    fingers outstretched     mapped-out to vein statics    &
pierced through God’s ripe abdomen    do with it within its fluid abundance
once bodiless ─
an idea
                                                                      is to carry off with it swiftly


Copyright 2016, Matina L. Stamatakis

Matina L. Stamatakis resides in upstate New York as a mother, writer, and visual artist. Some of her works have appeared in Yew, Milk, and Free Verse. She is the author of Metempsychose (ypolita press, 2009).


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