At the Top of the Stairs

by David M. Harris

Velleity. Regret. Lost love. Opportunities
ignored or neglected or not seen. Family history.
Fatherhood. Husbandhood. Manhood. Insecurity.
Pomposity. Heights. Blindness. Fear itself.
Death, less and less. Betrayal. Betraying.
Not knowing the secret codes. Being the only one
who doesn’t know the secret codes.
Being the only one who does.

Copyright 2016, David M. Harris

Until 2003, David M. Harris had never lived more than fifty miles from New York City. Since then he has moved to Tennessee, married, acquired a daughter and a classic MG, and gotten serious about poetry. His work has appeared in Pirene’s Fountain (and in First Water, the Best of Pirene’s Fountain anthology), Gargoyle, The Labletter, The Pedestal, and other places. The Review Mirror¬†was published in 2013 by Unsolicited Press. David talks about poetry on WRFN-LP (

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