Pine, Arizona

by Kelly Lydick

1971 (Clairaudience)

“cumbersome” “laundromat” “heavy load” “bicycle” “water from the well” “single gas pump” “boredom” “clothesline” “woodstove” “cold bathtub” “golden rod” “icebox” “single purple daffodil” “corrugated steel roof” “raindrops and snow melt” “border collie barks” “stench of propane” “yellowed, peeling wallpaper” “invisible peering eyes” “screen door slapping with the wind” “sallow” “empty” “silence slipping away” “second story isolation” “ghost watches over Billy”

Copyright 2016, Kelly Lydick

Kelly Lydick received her B.A. in Writing and Literature from Burlington College, and her M.A. in Writing and Consciousness from the New College of California, San Francisco (now at CIIS). Her writing has appeared in ditch: poetry that matters, Switched-on Gutenberg, Mission at Tenth, Thema, Drunken Boat, and others. She is the author of the experimental work, “Mastering the Dream,” and she offers writing and metaphysical workshops as well as private consultations through her company, Waking the Dream.


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