Zen, she says

by Mary Zeppa

Zen, she says. Two
as one. Cradle-
My 87 pound
sister rocking her
tall, feral son.
What I want is that one
alive again. The one who loved
Earth, Wind and Fire. The one
whose voice was a rumor.
The one who never felt
full. Her epicenter and first-born
whose dead-and-gone
fills up her world.

Copyright 2016, Mary Zeppa

Mary Zeppa, a singer and lyricist, as well as a poet and literary journalist, has been active in the Sacramento Poetry Center since 1981. She is the author of two chapbooks, Little Ship of Blessing and The Battered Bride Overture, and the full-length collection, My Body Tells Its Own Story. Zeppa, in collaboration with the award-winning Brubeck Institute Jazz Quintet, has been featured at three SPC Jazz & Poetry Live events. She recently savored a first residency at Ragdale.

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