Dream Hemorrhage

by Jenn Powers

–“We accept the hallucination in perfectly good faith.” Freud, The Interpretation of Dreams

hypnotic jerks [     ] sleep spindles [     ]
brick    metal   cement             and that sm00th face of his
parts of him: head flung back [smile-less] backwards hat blue jeans b00ts

light-splashed cafeteria walls  [bleach] milk cartons tater tots orange peels
a fl00d of redwhite&bluebl00ded voices       slam of lockers
the temperature change from the chockablock hallway          to the
vacuous chorus wing               obscured corners of the auditorium
[leatherjacketblack] even during the day
that gold heat of stage lights coming down on vanilla skin
as we sing

and there you are—
[the one I love]—hurry, away             the heavy d00rs—t00 heavy—appleredblush
the rush of damp air tossing hair and dress: muddy dandelions emerald grass
hot rain on the f00tball field   pale sunrayed pines            heavy-hearted [˂I feel you]
behind me at the window       p-u-l-s-a-t-i-n-g like a wild dog
in a cage

the lucid helplessness of time past    the awareness of being in a dream    it’s nothing
just waking amnesia neurons [     ]      brain waves [     ]         digital rhythms
microclocks     providence      it’s just the Ʃ
[ of ∞ desire]

Jenn Powers is a writer and visual artist from New England. Her most recent work is published or forthcoming in Hayden’s Ferry Review, The Pinch, Jabberwock Review, Mud Season Review, Into the Void and Calyx, among others. Please visit www.jennpowers.com.

Copyright 2018, Jenn Powers

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