Dependent Co-arising

The successive houses                Either demolished or burned

in which we have lived               museums of baby teeth, photos,

have no doubt made                    memories of dwellings

our gestures commonplace      now dust circling the globe

When we return to                       What we breathe into

the old house after                        the blood, we exhale

an odyssey of many years         on the other side of the globe

the earliest gestures come         as a film of ash

alive… The word                            a past that inhabits another’s

habit is too worn                            present tense, inhaled

a word for the                                  detritus of a life

passionate liaison of                     crisscrosses the earth

our bodies which do not  forget  molecules, ether

an unforgettable house                            of coded flesh

Christine Swint

Christine Swint’s poems have appeared in Calyx, Birmingham Poetry Review, Slant, a Journal of Poetry, Tampa Review, Heron Tree and others. Her first poetry collection, Swimming This, was published in 2015 by FutureCycle Press. She lives in metro Atlanta, Georgia with her family and their dogs, Red and Duffy. She teaches first-year composition at a local university and writes about poetry, art, hiking and yoga at Balanced on the Edge,  Christine writes “[‘Dependent Co-arising’] is written in two columns, with one of the columns including words borrowed from The Poetics of Space. All words borrowed from Bachelard appear in italics.”

Copyright 2017, Christine Swint. 

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