It’s loose in our pockets—around the corner—in the air. Some smell it. Some feel it. Some see it on the horizon. It’s distinct—indistinct—for sure—an inkling. Some see it coming. Some never see it coming.

Weather changes. Scenery changes. Whole ecosystems change. Babies change—fast. Kids morph into teenagers. Boys and girls grow up and face their own challenges and changes. We change houses—schools—jobs—our perspective—our partners—our minds. People change. Some embrace it. Some resist.

Switched-on Gutenberg has been around for a couple decades. During that time the journal has changed editors—changed themes—changed its submission guidelines—changed its look—changed its computing platform—and hopefully changed how some poets view themselves: listened to, cherished, published!

In the last couple decades everything around Switched-on Gutenberg has changed. It was one of the very first on-line poetry journals that got its start in Jana Harris’ Advanced Poetry class at the University of Washington in Seattle. Now it’s one of hundreds of on-line poetry journals, not to mention printed journals. Huge change.

 That realization recently brought us to a crossroads. We thought about remaking—remodeling—revamping—revising and reworking Switched-on Gutenberg. We thought about just doing what we’ve always done—not changing. And then we realized what needs to change is us—the editors—Roberta and I. Change. Meaning we’ve decided to step away—step down—move on to other writing endeavors.

 So—this is goodbye from the two of us to all our readers, contributors, fellow editors, and to everyone who has submitted their work to Switched-on Gutenberg over the years. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to read the work of so many talented poets and to put their work out into the world!

What hasn’t changed? Switched-on Gutenberg’s presence on-line. You can still read the current issue and look back at two-plus decades of previous issues. Jana is taking a hiatus after the “Change” issue, but she will be back with new co-editors and a host of other changes in the coming year. We can’t wait to see what happens! So stay tuned! And see you around.


Linda Malnack & Roberta Feins
Co-editors, Switched-on Gutenberg

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